15 Sep 2017


Atomium Brussels

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1. It came into my mind that instead of writing about all kind of things I should write a weather blog ! I just have to copy and paste the forecast because there is none, the forecast is already the present. Never mind, I have to go through wind and rain and complain, at least that always gives a good conversation subject. Fortunately we had our Scrabble afternoon, and while the wind howled around the house we were trying to find words which gave us a maximum of points !

Arthur watched over the coffee

while we raked our brain !

2. My body refused to leave my warm bed, when I had peaked out of the window, but coffee was calling and then I had a nice idea I thought I play a little around with my photos, and I did.

These were one of the results and I found them very nice I thought why go to my painting course if I can do my Arthur the van Gogh, Gaughin, Rembrandt etc style in a few minutes instead of painting for weeks ?

3. I went to aqua gym to keep my body in form and not become rusty. The swimming pool had been transformed and is bigger now, which is very nice because we have more space. As usual it was fun and after the class we had some herb tea (I don't know what mixture it was) talked about holidays and then went home all in directions.

4. I absolutely had to comfort myself and bravely faced wind and weather arrived at my favorite shop without landing on a cloud and there I found the blouse I had seen two days before but hesitated to buy it.

Now I didn't hesitate at all anymore because tomorrow evening we have our monthly Facebook meeting and of course I can't show up always with the same feathers !

5.  We had our painting class, and worked quite well, next month is our yearly exhibition and there are

still quite a lot of paintings to be finished. I tried something new I mixed acryl painting with pastel, and was surprised that it worked real well.

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Jo said...

Wow, I always love to see your Scrabble group. Today was even better with Arthur guarding the coffee station. Great blouse for the Facebook club gathering. FB is big in SA but blogging isn't as far as I can notice. I have exactly one blog friend in this country! Have a great weekend. (And thanks always for your encouragement)

Wendy said...

Arthur is a very good model and now guardian of the coffee. It's always good to have something new to wear and that top is a lovely colour. Sounds like you're going to be busy at the painting class. Enjoy your weekend.

mamasmercantile said...

Arthur guarding the coffee made me smile, a lovely photograph.

Lady Fi said...

Wonderful shots.

Susan said...

What a fun idea to mix acrylic paints with pastels. I look forward to seeing photos of that composition.
The way you changed the photo of Arthur was interesting.I am not very imaginative so using such filters would give my ideas a boost.
I enjoy reading about your painting group, Scrabble group and aqua class. You certainly know how to take care of your mind and body. Makes me think I ought to pursue similar interests, too.
Have a good week.

Fun60 said...

I can't believe it is exhibition time already. No doubt you will be busy designing posters and finishing off work. I think Arthur would like an exhibition just based on him.

Photo Cache said...

Hi Arthur! You and your furblings are a sweetheart.

Worth a Thousand Words

Latane Barton said...

I love scrabble. But, it's so hard to make words with the letters you are given. Wish I could just pick the letters I want and need. hehe

Mara said...

Good (computer) art work. You might paint it that way now too!

collettakay said...

Happy Friday! I love Scrabble but I can never get anyone to play with me! How fun to have a group :)

Here's my Five:



Barbara H. said...

I'm glad your blouse was still there when you went back to the store for it! I've had some occasions where something I hesitated to buy was gone when I went back. Sounds like a great week!

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Nice art with Arthur. And that is a very pretty blouse.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I like the atom shot and your photo edits. Have a nice weekend!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'm glad you were kidding when you said 'why not quit painting class and just do stuff with photo editing'.... anyone, even me, can do that. You are talented and I love reading about your painting class ... it sounds as if you had a pretty good week in spite of the dreary weather! You keep busy -- that is the important thing.

Susanne said...

Love the big windows by your table. It makes it so nice and bright despite the weather. Arthur makes a good coffee guardian.

Tricky Wolf said...

I wish we had a bit of your rain, everything is so scorched by the sun out here it is almost a desert :( makes growing things a challenge for sure

Thanks for joining in with Five on Friday once again, I hope you have a wonderful week :)