27 Jun 2017


Nothing special for Our World in my world, but a very nice Scrabble afternoon. It was quite a while we hadn't scrabbled together, because two were on holidays, Ilona was occupied with the passing away of her mother and I hardly could play alone and my cats refused.

This time it was Ilona's turn and as the forecasted rain turned into a wonderful warm and sunny weather Ilona had installed the scrabble table on her patio and sitting under two umbrellas it was real nice.

Her house had been a council house before WW II and ever since people had bought and transformed them into very nice little houses. With the palm trees and the yellow lawn because of the dry weather we almost thought to be in the South of France.

my scrabble girls,  Mireille who is half blind because of this awful eye decease "Macula", but nontheless always wins, Ilona and Nicole

The sky was full of fluffy little sheep

Ilona loves gardening and she has beautiful plants everywhere

Resie the cat kept us company

Scrabble finished we had a cup of coffee and a long chat.

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jabblog said...

What a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Jo said...

You could win if you played with your cats! Ilona's garden is really pretty and welcoming. I envy you all going sleeveless and in summer clothes. We are wearing cardis but the winter will be over in about six weeks. I think you had a lot to offer "Our World Meme" today. Please keep them coming.

diane b said...

Thats a lovely way to spend a summer afternoon. Ilona's garden is bright and colourful.

carol l mckenna said...

Delightful way to spend the Summer afternoon on a lovely patio playing scrabble with friends ~ ^_^

mamasmercantile said...

Looks like a beautiful day with good company.

Lady Fi said...

WHat a fun day!