27 Mar 2017


I tried to spend most of the time with Charlie, because on Friday he was really not well and Nicole had decided that we would go to the vet and have put him asleep on Monday (today). Mr. G. and I went on Saturday to Nicole and we found another dog ! He greeted us brought a ball, and was the old Charlie only a little slower. Apparently he eats like a horse and besides a slightly running nose and heavy breathing when he sleeps, and this now completely white eye, he is OK. So we decided that it was not yet his time. Was I relieved ! I had never thought that I was affected so much by his illness, he is not my dog, but he really loves me, Nicole said that that had never happened and that she is almost "jealous" !

In the evening we had a theater play for the Waterloo seniors. Usually these plays are always very good and very funny. I had never been disappointed. But this time it was really bad ! First, the title "Panic in the Ministry" had nothing to do with the play, it could have been played in every room. The only thing which related to politics was the title of the main actors the secretary of the education department and his secretary ! The text was gross, and to make us laugh it always was related to sex ! Of course it was a French play, with French actors, they couldn't find Belgian once, probably they all refused because the play was so stupid. For the first time people left after half an hour or far before the end. Nicole left after 15 min she had enough, she said she would rather go home and be with Charlie. I stayed just to see the reaction of the public, all over 65, I saw one near me who slept deeply others looked bored but there also were a lot who laughed. I lost my camera, I had taken a few pictures of the stage. Hopefully I will get it back on Monday.

As it was early, I joined Nicole at home and we had supper together, with a very eager participant, Charlie ! And while we chatted, he settled down and snored that the walls shook !

When we were in the "Lunch Garden" Charlie loves to go there.

On Sunday I went to one of the more than 100 parks of Brussels and its communities. It was the park "Parc des Étangs Mellaerts" with two big ponds. It was the opening of the sailing boats for rent and there were a lot of people.

I made some pictures had an ice cream and then went home because although it was sunny, the wind was cold. Charlie had family visit today, so I rested a bit to be in shape for the coming week.


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - so glad Charlie is obviously better - long may it last. Yes cold wind ... but lovely days ... cheers Hilary

Fun60 said...

Good to hear Charlie is almost back to full health again. Pity the play was so awful but your post about it made me laugh!

Maria Perry Mohan said...

Glad Charlie is feeling better. May he recover and live long.

Tamago said...

I'm glad Charlie is doing well!
Sounds like the play was really bad. I fell asleep in the theater once before. It was sooo boring!

Wendy said...

Glad to hear Charlie is doing so much better. Shame about the play. Hope you get your camera back ok.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh my gosh -- I'm glad he is OK. I almost died of embarrassment when I read the first line of this post , thinking he had been put to sleep and here I had just commented on your earlier post that I hoped he would be OK for a long time. Oh ... I'm so glad my hopes came true.

(But from now on when I am catching up I will read the latest post first I think, just in case ... on all the blogs I read, not just yours. You never know what might have happened to people between posts.)