13 Mar 2017


Finally this weekend spring pointed the tip of its nose it was warmer and the sun tried to make holes in the clouds.

A good opportunity to go through the car wash to make my car white again and get rid of the salt they had put on the streets.

With my "new" looking car I drove to a place where new condominiums had been built, again a piece of land gone. A friend of mine had bought a flat there. I found this place terrible, there was nothing not even a tree, just 2 buildings with a view on fields and behind the train. I thought it was not very well thought of her, she is 76 and her health is not the best. There are no shops no public transport, I could have understood if she was 40 ! It was not a question of money, she could have bought something nice and close to shops etc. I haven't seen the flat inside because she wasn't there.

At that age one should think where to spend the rest of their lives in a nice and practical place where you eventually don't need a car !

In my neighbor's front yard I saw the first blooming flowers of this year !!

Sunday I went to the retirement home where we have our painting classes. This time the city had organized a "give away", as it does twice a year. People who have too much book a stand and display their things, and those who need things are coming to choose what they need. It's totally free of course.

Despite the wonderful warm spring weather there were many people and the clothes, baby stuff, books etc went away quite quickly. I was only there to keep company to my friend Mirella who is also my painting teacher. It was very nice we met a lot of people we knew.

Rest of the afternoon I spent with Nicole, her daughter and granddaughter sunbathing on her patio.
We all really needed the sunshine and the light.


Andrew said...

What you say is something I feel strongly about. When you are old, you need to be near hospitals and good public transport for when you can no longer drive, or in my case, choose no longer to drive. We have so many cases here of old people mistaking the accelerator for the brake and running into buildings. So why do people when they finish their working lives, move to the country or seaside where there aren't the services? Fools!

Loree said...

Those two blocks of apartments do not look very nice. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog/ The Azure Window will be missed but, as you said, at least nature took it and it was not destroyed by humans. I think we've destroyed quite enough already.

Tamago said...

Flowers in your neighbor's yard are very pretty! We've been having warm weather but not this week...it's gonna go below freezing. Brrr.

Wendy said...

Glad you got some better weather. I agree with you about where to live as we get older. Our house will be too big for us when our son moves out but it is so well placed for transport, shops, healthcare and open space that I'm not sure we will rush to move.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I bet the sunshine feels wonderful. I love bright and light ... which describes most of my days now. I dread when we get too old to travel back and forth across the country, because at that time we will probably go back to Oregon full time -- closer to family; better medical facilities, no need to drive if we can't any more.... less expensive than Florida -- hundreds of reasons why it is better there, except with the one downside that the winters are so darn damp and gray. Oh well, no use worrying over it until (and unless) I have to. But it does sound like your friend made the wrong decision.