10 Mar 2017


1. I still suffered from the cold I had caught in Germany, and couldn't go out at all. I switched from my room to the living room and "suffered" in silence.

My cleaning lady had crocheted these beautiful covers for my kitchen chairs. The plastic cover had meanwhile some little holes and she certainly thought it needed repair. I was really touched, because she did it just like that without any special reason !

2. We played our weekly scrabble and this time Ilona was the last one.

After the first game we had a coffee break and then continued with the second round. While we were concentrated on the game, suddenly a loud snoring filled the room. It was as if an old man snored with all his heart his mouth wide open. Of course it was not an old man, but an not so old dog, Charlie. I never had thought that a dog can snore that loud ! Nicole called him, nothing, those who still could whistle, whistled.  Charlie went on. Finally we shook him a bit and he stopped and continued to sleep without snoring this time.

3.  Mr. Charlie was so happy to come to our house that he first sniffed in all corners and then had suddenly disappeared. My cats were laying in various sofas and beds out of Charlie's view.

Suddenly he appeared, he had been in the basement and came back with this dinosaur head, which he apparently had found amongst the things to be given away ! He then was busy for a while to pull out all teeth !

This dog is very amusing !

4. The rest of the week I was resting, I felt very weak. As soon as I stood up I thought my legs were out of gum ! Antibiotics make tired ! 

Arthur was my nurse and watched TV  with me !


For the first time I went outside but only to my painting course. I just didn't want to miss it. I started a new painting still only with my fingers.

After class I quickly went to choose new glasses I had my eyes checked and my view has dropped a bit. Fortunately I found some very quickly, because  I started to get tired. I just made it home and collapsed on the sofa where I spent the rest of the day !

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Faith said...

that was so thoughtful of your cleaning lady! and they match so well!!

Scrabble is loads of fun....my husband and i play once in awhile..he is very competitive.

your dog is funny!!

and i hope you are feeling cery well soon!!

happy weekend!!

The History Anorak said...

I hope you feel better soon. It's rotten when you're not well.

Sharon Koole said...

Those cushion covers look wonderful! What a thoughtful gesture that was. Love the shot of you painting. Brings back lovely memories of daughter and I having an evening of wine and painting.

Happy Five on Friday

Patsy in Nixa, MO said...

It seems that colds are lasting longer now. I have a friend who is still taking medicine for a cough which has lasted for weeks. Be sure to get lots of rest. That miracle we call a body is self-healing, but needs lots of rest to fix you.

Latane Barton said...

So sorry about your feeling ill. That's no fun whatsoever. Get better soon.

Mara said...

Just let him dig in the garden! He might dig up a French gold hoard from the Napoleonic wars!! You'll be rich.

A Colorful World said...

Sorry you haven't been well. How sweet of your cleaning lady to crochet those seat covers for you!!! That dog is a hoot...cute Charlie.

peppylady (Dora) said...

How kind your house keeper to crochet you some chair covers.
Coffee is on

Tamago said...

Your cleaning lady is so sweet. The cover is very pretty!
Sounds like Arthur is a very good nurse! My Goro sometimes watches TV with his dad, too. He likes sci-fi shows :-)

Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry you're sick! Hope you feel better soon. Charlie is so funny. Those chair covers are nice! How sweet of your cleaning lady to do them for you.

Mac n' Janet said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. That was funny about the dog snoring. And how sweet of your cleaning lady to make the seat covers for you.

Lorrie said...

Getting over a bad cold can take a surprisingly long time. Hope you soon feel full of energy again. Charlie's snores must have been very loud!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I didn't know that dogs snored! How funny. You didn't come last in Scrabble even though you were feeling poorly! Your brain is obviously working well even if you are not! I play a computer game "words with friends" which is based on Scrabble because I can never find anybody to play the real-life game with me. All of my friends play cards or dominoes.

Wendy said...

Well I hope by now you are beginning to feel better. Being unwell is miserable and you seem to have had a long spell of it. It's good that you could still have your scabble get together and get to your painting class though.

Lea said...

Funny Charley!
Hope you are feeling better

Tricky Wolf said...

I love the crocheted seat covers, I'm going to learn to crochet this year if it kills me!

Loree said...

Antibiotics sometimes make you feel worse instead of better. I hate it when I have to take them but in severe infections they save lives - so we mustn't complain too much.

Willow said...

Fortunately you didn't have to go to work but could rest most of the week.
That Scrabble party sounds like fun.
I hope you feel better soon.

Susanne said...

Really nice of your cleaning lady to do that for you. Love the bright red color. Being sick is not fun. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Bee Lady said...

So glad you have a cleaning lady to help you out. And so nice of her to make such pretty seat covers! I think the best gifts are those given without a reason. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Antibiotics, and being sick, have a way of kicking our rears. Rest up.


Carly Foster said...

Your painting class sounds lovely! I hope you've recovered from your cold and enjoyed your week