17 Oct 2016


On Saturday I absolutely had to prepare my paintings for the exhibition next Saturday. I needed some material to hang them up and also a spray to fix them because this time I used pastel.

Our guest room had initially been my painting studio, but as I don't paint anymore at home, it has definitively become a guest room. But sometimes I still have to use it like here to prepare my paintings for the exhibition.

Last week I had bought these very warm trousers in fleece but I hadn't seen that there was a top going with it.  And while I was looking for my painting stuff, I found it incidently in another town in the same shop !  The pullover is so cute with the hanging ears over the eyes. Now I am equipped for watching TV on cold winter evenings !

Although I always have a lap warmer

On Sunday was a celebration of St. Hubert, the Saint for animals. It took place in the beautiful ruins of The Abby of Villers la Ville.

Unfortunately I hadn't read the program properly so when we arrived the ceremony when all animals are blessed were over ! Nicole was disappointed, she wanted to have blessed Charlie !

The horses were apparently replaced by bikers, who made Charlie bark like crazy, because he hates them, and we had quite some difficulties to hold him back !

Opposite the ruins there was a café and people sat there having a drink. I think I have never seen so many dog breeds at once, but I liked the Dalmatians most.

The rest of the afternoon we spent on Nicole's terrace, it was so warm in the sun 23° just like a summer day !


mamasmercantile said...

I always enjoy our local church service when the animals are blessed, always makes for an interesting service.

Tamago said...

Oooh I love that pullover! It's so cute! But your lap warmer is the best, of course :-)

Loree said...

Here it's St Anthony the Abbott who blesses the animals. Enjoy your sunny autumn days.

Fun60 said...

You are going to be so cosy and glamorous this winter.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I like the pullover, but not as well as I like your lapwarmer! Nice to have a return to good weather at least for awhile.

Wendy said...

The lapwarmer is definitely my favourite although the clothes look very comfy too. Shame you missed the blessing ceremony. A cousin of mine had dalmatians for many years - they had the mother and then two of her pups. Sadly they have since died and now she has a rescue dog that is a crossbreed. Good luck with the exhibition.