24 Oct 2016


On Saturday was the vernissage of our painting exhibition. I had to be there to take pictures but I still felt so poorly ! I hadn't eaten very much after my stomach cramps two days before and wasn't sure if I could go or not. Finally I thought I have the choice or  I sit at home and be angry with me and concentrate on my troubles or I go there, make the pictures, chat with my classmates and the visitors, and have no time to think about my miseries ! So I went !

And it was very nice, thanks to the Facebook action we had more visitors than ever and the exhibition was a real  success.

Our group, the 3 girls on the right are my best friends, Nicole, Ilona and Chantal. Besides me on the right is the municipal councillor who always supports our exhibitions.

The overlook of the room

and some visitors

At 3.30 pm I was so tired, my head spun and I went home. Still I was proud of myself  That I could stay that long,  I had arrived at 10.30 am. I arrived home and collapsed on the sofa we had supper and I went to bed very early !

On Sunday morning when I woke up, the house was unusually silent. No meow songs from ol' Pookie and Mr. G.'s opera voice shouting "Shut up" without success as Pookie is deaf he knows it also that I am not ! I got up and noticed that his car was still there and that the shutters were still shut. The reason was, Mr. G. had caught my virus which had been a gastritis, but far worse than I, because I only had stomach cramps, he had it all. Poor men had spent the night running to the bathroom.

I still felt so tired and didn't go to the Exhibition, I also stayed home. Mr. G.  did what the cats do, he slept the whole day and I watched TV. All energy gone. From time to time the phone rang, from the girls who wanted to know if I would come and help and also asking a price for one of my paintings apparently there were some people interested. One painting had been sold ! I was happy ! 

Nicole took my paintings home, they had a lot of work, because I was not the only one who was sick, another one and our teacher too ! They all had the same, there is a real epidemic around and the drugstores run out of medicine !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - glad the exhibition was a success ... but hope one and all feel better in a few days - that sort of thing isn't 'nice' ... take care - Hilary

Claudie Cartereau said...

Nice to learn you sold one of your painting. I hope you and M Gattino, you will very soon recover your energy. I didn't come on your blog for a while, now, cause my new job at lyceum. I didn't work like that for years.

mamasmercantile said...

Such good news that the exhibition was a success and that you sold a painting, congratulations. Hope you are all feeling better soon.

Tamago said...

The exhibits look wonderful. Glad it was a great success. But I'm sorry you, Mr. G and some others were sick. Sounds like it's a real epidemic! I hope everyone is feeling better. xo

Loree said...

Oh no. I hate stomach problems. I would rather get a bad cold. Hope you're all feeling better now.

Fun60 said...

That sounds a very nasty virus going through yourtown. Congratulations on your exhibition and selling some of your work.

Wendy said...

Well I'm glad to hear the exhibition was a success and that you were able to go. It looked lovely. I'm not glad to hear about the gastritis outbreak. That is not a nice thing to have so I hope you and Mr G are both feeling better by now. If not, take it easy and get well soon.

Linens and Royals said...

Sorry to hear you are not well but the show still went ahead and you sold a painting! well done.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

OH I hope both of you are completely well by now - what an epidemic. Very glad you were able to take in one day of the exhibit at least and congrats on the painting(s) you sold!! lucky buyers.