26 Sept 2016


We had our monthly Facebook meeting of our group "Vivre à Waterloo" (living in Waterloo) this time in a bigger Tavern. There are more than 2000 members in this group, but of course they are not all coming. Usually we are between 20 and 40, this time we were probably around 20. This was my 3rd time and I start to know the people I only new on the "wall" !

The Tavern from out and inside, Nicole is member now too and came with me. We had a lot of fun and spent a nice time together. Around 9 pm everybody left.

We still have summer weather and I purr ! There was a autumn festival in a little very cute town near Waterloo called Ittre. It still has all the old stone houses and cobbled narrow streets.

Around the church was a flea market and the wall was decorated with chicken (picture below right)

There were also little theatre plays and apparently one with angels and God, who had a beer here !

As usual Charlie is always the star, even if there are other cute and friendly dogs. He has a special charisma ! As soon as we arrived Nicole was followed by kids During our walk around the town, we were stopped and asked about Charlie, so finally we had a very dry mouth and went to the place with the church and had a nice cool beer there. Of course Charlie was thirsty too and the waiter brought him a big bowl of water. There too two ladies started to talk with us because they also had Golden Retrievers and then others joined in the conversation. It was a real nice sunny afternoon.

Sunday was the last sun day ! We had always wanted to see the city in the city which had been built
in Waterloo on the 15 hectares surface of a formerly Farm school.

I have passed by the entrance of this school a thousand times and  had never realized that its surface was so huge, that so many houses, a retirement home, a medical center, a swimming pool, a restaurant etc could be built !

I didn't like it. It seemed to me like a posh ghetto without soul. The house and apartment prices are horrendous, and there are still a lot of houses and apartments for sale. No wonder.

The only thing we liked was the restaurant called Mamy Louise, that seemed very nice and next time we go out for lunch we will go there.


Andrew said...

Hoegaarden is popular here. Ittre looks charming. Just curious, do you you mention your blog to people who you have come to know via the Waterloo FB group?

Andrew said...

Oh yes, your photos setup works really well now. They are easy to see and large enough.

Summer said...

Such a wonderful event! The tavern looks nice ♥


Tamago said...

Facebook meeting sounds fun! It must be like meeting your bloggie friends. Charlie is such a popular woofie. I think his gentle nature attracts humans :-)

Amy at love made my home said...

It is great to get to meet online friends in real life isn't it! xx

Loree said...

Charlie is a great asset to help you and Nicole make new friends.

Wendy said...

How nice to meet up with your FB friends and you have certainly made good use of the end of summer weather. Photos look great.

Mara said...

Another lovely day and great photos!

mamasmercantile said...

What a wonderful experience to meet up with on line friends. Such a beautiful old church.