23 Sep 2016


1. This week I got the impression that I hadn't done nothing, and it is Friday. When the sun is shining now, I want to sit outside and enjoy the last warm summer days and when it is cloudy and more cool I am full of good will to do what I should do, but I always tell myself I will do it tomorrow ! A real lack of energy !

2. As Nicole was in the same mood, we spent one afternoon on her terrace chatting about a strange phone call. Marianne, the friend I had who let herself starve because her husband was diagnosed Alzheimer, was saved in the last minute by another friend who called the ambulance and she had been taken to the hospital and her husband who was completely lost too. I had once visited her in hospital and then I never had heard from her again and I didn't know to where she went once cured. Nicole too had tried to find out where she was, found her in a recovery home, but Marianne didn't want to talk to her and to me neither. So we gave up.

3. Our pedicure came and while she took care of me foot nails, the phone rang and it was Marianne ! I couldn't believe it. She was exuberant and talked and talked that she was now in a retirement home in Brussels, that she was happy and that she had ordered a little dog for 2000 € (2.200 $), while the little dog she had, was now with friends. She had also strangled her parrot and now she wanted again one. She is nearly 80 and I realized that there must be something wrong with her brain !  Anyway she didn't have a phone and apparently called from a public phone, and suddenly the conversation was cut off. So I still don't know where she is.

4. It continued to be nice and warm and as I hadn't been in our town center since quite some time, always driving through, I decided to make a little walk there. Nicole joined me with Charlie. After having inspected some boutiques very quickly, we both are not boutique lovers, we discovered some new places.

A restaurant which only serves burgers in all variations, with a very beautiful garden in the back. I found the sign so funny.

Then we had a coffee on the place at the main street where you can see all people walking by. As usual Charlie had a lot of success and we talked to many people. Finally the afternoon was over !

5. Our painting class with the newcomers grew and our teacher decided that we should wear badges with our names, because it is impossible to keep all the names in mind. We had a lot of fun and decided to meet once a week outside the class, because there is always so much to tell, that we don't have time to paint ! So 6 of us will get together on Mondays and will make a turn.

After class Nicole and I went for lunch and there (through Charlie) we met a doctor who pretended to see what is wrong with a person only by looking in his/her eyes. I got it immediately that he was making fun, but Nicole fell in the trap and really believed it. But before he could look  deep in her eyes, I started to laugh and then she got it too. Finally an Asian lady and an other man joined the conversation and when we left it was already 4 pm.

We went to the shop where Nicole had ordered new kitchen furniture to see how far they were with the order and apparently the new kitchen will be installed in November.

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eastcoastlife said...

I hope your friend Marianne is fine and happy some where. I hope I still have my brains when I am in my sixties. My Mom has dementia when she was 50.

Your painting class is keeping you busy and happy :)

Sharon said...

Sad story about your friend. I hope it turns out that she is safe.

Have a lovely weekend

Tamago said...

Oh..I hope your friend Marianne is okay.
Love the garden area at the restaurant. Looks beautiful!

Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

Mara said...

It sounds like you had a busy week despite doing nearly nothing! I hope your friend Marianne will be okay though, because it sounds as if she is very confused right now.

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad you have enjoyed your time at your class and with Nicole. It is very sad about your other friend, it sounds as though the strain of caring for her husband took a terrible toll on her, I hope she will be alright. Thank you for joining Five On Friday, lovely to see you, have a good weekend! xx

ellen b said...

Oh my Gattina...that is really quite a bizarre phone call you got. I do hope your friend is fine. Glad your painting class is fun!

Lorrie said...

I do hope Marianne is doing okay. Dementia is such a difficult disease. What a strange coincidence that she should call you after all that time.
From the stories you tell, it seems that you and your friend have a wonderful time together, laughing and talking. Just as it should be.

a rich tapestry said...

It sounds as if you had an eventful week. It's good that you meet with friends. I hope the new members of the art group start to feel at home and the extra social gathering will help you all get to know one another better. How frustrating not to know more how your friend, Marianne, is getting on after you received the unexpected phone call. It's sad and disturbing to be feeling as she does. I hope somehow she can be supported by professionals so that she stays safe. Wishing you a peaceful weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I feel so sorry for Marianne - hope she's ok. It does sound like something is not quite right with her. That sounds like a great idea to get together with your friends from painting class outside of class for a visit.

Willow said...

You always have so much fun with Nicole and Charlie! Lunches and coffee are great ways to meet people and enjoy the afternoons which you don't spend on your patio.

I hope your friend Marianne is well cared for. Maybe you can check various retirement homes and ask for her...

Wendy said...

Your painting class and friendship with Nicole and Charlie certainly keep you busy and it's always lovely doing nothing. How sad about your friend Marianne. She clearly seems to be suffering from some form of dementia. Hopefully she is in a safe place and being cared for. Have a good week.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

When you do nothing all week, it is a lot more interesting than when I actually do things ;>)).

It is hard to learn of an old friend go downhill. I do hope she is somewhere where people are looking out for her and she has comfort. That's probably all we can hope for.

Enjoy the rest of that sunshine while it lasts.

Mary said...

That is so fun that you & some of your art classmates are meeting outside of class!

mamasmercantile said...

I do hope there is good news about your friend and all is well.