16 Sep 2016


1. It still is unusually hot more than we had in summer ! I had my aqua gym class and it was wonderful in the water, but when we left the house, we had the impression to enter into an oven !

There was not much to do in this heat without aircondition, only sitting on the terrace with a ventilator. Even for the cats it was too hot, they preferred to stay in the dark house. I had closed all shutters and had left the windows open only a little bit, to keep the heat out, as they do in Italy.

2. The next day we decided to go to the lake. At least there the heat was bearable, because of the breeze.

The lake was blue and I saw little round fake islands on one part of the lake. I don't know for what they are, Nicole thinks they are for divers. We choose a nice place close to the water and installed our chairs and umbrellas. As it was windy my umbrella suddenly had wings and flew away. It must have been very amusing (for the others) to see me running behind my red umbrella.

3. Then it was time for lunch. We wanted to eat the nice hamburger as last week, but the restaurant was closed and they had opened only because it was like in summer. Normally at this time of the year they only open on weekends and the snack bar underneath, had already been dismantled. Nobody had thought that we would have the hottest day mid September ever since the weather station exists ! The thermometer climbed until 32° or more ! So we had to eat what they had, which meant pizza or "croque Monsieur" which is a toast with ham and cheese and salad.

Charlie ate the salad and was a bit disappointed that there were no hamburger in sight.
After lunch Nicole wanted to bath Charlie. So she put shampoo on his back and scrubbed, then she pushed him into the water to rinse himself, but he was not very cooperative !

Now that her feet were already wet, and the water felt so nice she walked a little further

and here is the result ! The ground was full of pebbles which hurt her feet and she fell fully dressed in the lake. Charlie's expression only confirmed what he thought of his mistress, that she was slightly crazy ! Of course people of the whole beach who watched us, laughed ! And I hadn't even filmed this scene on purpose, I wanted to film Charlie who swam to rinse his back. That she fell I didn't even notice only when I watched the video later ! Now I also understood why people laughed so much.

4. We should have stayed there over night, because the next day was as warm as the day before ! I retired with computer and ventilator on our terrace and didn't move anymore. Suddenly after lunch

Charlie's big head was on my lap, in Nicole's apartment and terrace it was so hot that she and Charlie had escaped and kept me company ! Mr. G. joined us and we had a real nice afternoon. I even found some ice cream in the freezer.

5. The classroom of our painting course was a real sauna, even at 9 am ! We finally asked that they opened the windows, because usually they are locked as there had been some burglaries.

We are preparing our exhibition for October and I had made the poster

This will hang in whole Waterloo and certainly appear on Facebook. We had a nice morning nearly everybody had seen the video with Nicole's fall and everybody made fun of her !

Today it's a bit cooler and as usual it will rain during the weekend, which is sad for working people, I personally don't care.

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mamasmercantile said...

The video made me smile. We had a couple of beautiful hot sunny days but we now have mist and fine rain.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - how funny ... but I suppose it was bound to happen ... still it amused many - I'm sure Nicole will laugh for a while yet ... and Charlie is now clean - cheers Hilary

Linda P said...

You made the most of the lakeside during the unusually hot weather for September. I'm glad that it's cooler for you now. Here there have been severe storms overnight, although not where we live. Wishing you a good weekend.

riitta k said...

Dogs are always close to my heart <3

Linens and Royals said...

Nicole and Charlie are a comic duo, lucky your camera is always at the ready.

Sharon Koole said...

Wonderful post. Love the pictures of Nicole and Charlie. What fun. You seemed to have a really great time. Looks like a great way to cool down on such a hot day.

Have a great weekend

Faith said...

how fun to fall in the lake!! that made me chuckle and it probably felt wonderful to your friend. Oh dear...SOAP in the lake?? that would NOT be allowed in New York State!! lol

Yay for a fun week of faves....I hope your weather cools off...we are having perfect temps of low 70s (F) here in New York and the autumn colors are just beginning.

Happy weekend!!

Tamago said...

Such lovely photos of Nicole and Charlie. And I love the photo with him on your lap. He is such a cutie pie :-)

Lorrie said...

Hello Gattina, the video of Nicole wading and then falling into the lake made me laugh. She looks like she didn't mind the fall too much - I'm sure it was very cooling.
Such hot temperatures! We're cooling off more and more here every day, and there will be rain on the weekend. This is good because everything has been very dry.
Bon week-end.

Jo said...

Nicole is a real sport, and Charlie is the perfect companion for her. He also loves you a lot. I can't imagine such heat in Europe! Have a great weekend. Jo

Fun60 said...

Poor Nicole. Not quite what she had in mind when she wanted to cool off! The torrential rain and storms we had overnight have brought the Summer to a close I think. Your poster looks very professional. Well done.

AnnieOBTextiles said...

Oh dear, poor Nicole! It is one way to cool down. I hope it is cooler now for you although it seems so unfair when it rains at the weekend if you have been working all week.

Gracie Saylor said...

I'm glad you are finding ways to get cooled off. We are sliding into cooler days near Portland, Oregon, but have had unusually hot weather this summer, too. I am excited for you that you are taking an art course and looking forward to an exhibition. I am hoping to try painting a watercolor picture of an oak leaf and some acorns this afternoon...fun!

Wendy said...

It felt a bit mean to be laughing at Nicole but she seemed to find it funny too so I guess it was ok. Nice to get to the lake t enjoy the last of the sunshine. We had a real change in the weather today too but fortunately we didn't have any flooding as some areas did. But I'm glad it's cooler. It was very uncomfortable earlier in the week. I hope the exhibition goes well.

eastcoastlife said...

Congrats on the art exhibition, that's awesome. happy for all of you.

It is just as hot in Singapore and I would love to 'fall' into the sea and have a good soak. haha...

Happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Still very hot here, too - I am longing for fall coolness!

I did that once - when into the water fully clothed. I hadn't planned to swim, but the water just looked sooo inviting!

Nice poster!

Summer said...

Nice dog! A trip to the lake sounds great ♥


Willow said...

That video of Nicole is hilarious! Charlie was NO help at all to his mistress. No hamburger for him.
You have really been hot there--I'm glad you at least have a lake and a terrace.

Susanne said...

Poor Charlie, no hamburger, no wonder he didn't help Nicole in the water. LOL. The water looked very inviting for such a hot day!

nikkipolani said...

When roomie was in Belgium this summer, she was surprised at how much sunshine there was!