29 Jun 2016


Charlie at the groomer

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  1. Charlie you look like you are enjoying your bath.

  2. Bit of dog grooming going on here then, Bad enough with our sheltie let along a dog that size

  3. Looks like you had a perfect spa day, Charlie :-)

  4. I had a great time catching up on all you posted while we were traveling (not as exciting a trip as you had earlier this month). ENjoyed learning more about your Turkey adventure, especially appreciated your take and info on BRexit (such a sad deal)... hope you have no more flooding and enjoy the rest of your summer. (Lots of words in a comment on a wordless wednesday post, Lol -- it was just the last post I read and I didn't want to load up your inbox with a comment on every post -- even though each one deserved its own comment!


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