30 Jun 2016


You might have noticed that the buttons on a shirt are usually sewn on the right side for male shirts and on the left for women's shirts. I found the key to this mystery that lasts for decades ...

Fashion imposes this strange standard since at least 1850. Why ? Four possibilities were found :

1. Facilities for breastfeeding

The shirt buttons placed to the left would be more practical for women who are breastfeeding. Most people are right-handed. Sewing buttons on the left, the woman can open her shirt with her right hand and keep a hand free to hold her baby.


Amazon riding

In the past centuries women rode side saddled. Their legs were placed on the left side of the horse. And with buttons sewn to the left of her shirt, the wind blew less under under her clothes .

3. Because of weapons
According to this theory, the buttons placed on the right of the man's shirt allowed him to hold his weapon with his right hand while unbuttoning it with the left hand. Why he should do that was not explained.


Business is business

Another theory suggests that manufacturers have done this on purpose to distinguish men wear from women's clothes, at a time when ladies loved to wear male clothes. That was at the beginning of the last century.

Today I think nobody cares anymore if the buttons are on the left or right side !

The result would be the same !


Andrew said...

When I was younger and in a trendy shop, I tried on a shirt I liked. I couldn't do it up because the buttons were on the wrong side. I did not realise at the time why they were on the wrong side. I didn't buy it.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Probably in North Carolina they would check your buttons to be sure you were going into the correct bathroom. (That's a joke, I think... lawmakers there are all upset about the possibility that a transgender person might go into the "wrong" public bathroom. They are crazy.) I can't be bothered about shirt buttons at all ... all my clothes are pullovers!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I meant that the lawmakers in NC are crazy, in case there was any doubt about my comment above.