23 Jun 2016


Yesterday I had to go into the Waterloo center. Once Donald (Duck) Trump had said that Brussels is a hell hole! He can add Waterloo too, because I really had the impression to walk in the hell. Shops, windows, doors etc were all decorated in the national colors black, yellow, red, and with devils ! Lots of devils were also walking around. The Belgian Football (soccer) team is called "Diables Rouges" which means "Red Devils" would play for the Euro 2016 against Sweden.

A car with horns, usually there is also a trident around the window cleaners and the rear mirrors are also in black, yellow and red.

I saw a few people already dressed for the evening, the kids are the nephews of our king, I didn't see them, but took the picture from internet.

On Facebook's Waterloo page a list of bars and caf├ęs etc was published who had a huge screen.

I returned home and decided to stay there and watch a film with Mr. G. Later on I read that Belgium had won against Sweden 0-1 ! I learned it because around midnight I woke up because of the noise of firecrackers ! Yes, I have to suffer because I am not a football fan ! I should have gone after the match and celebrate as a devil in the city !

The only good thing what football achieves, where all politician fail, is that for once the nation is all together, there are no Flemish and Walloons anymore, they are all Belgians ! On National day you only see very few flags !


Andrew said...

It is like family. You quarrel but you present to the world as united.

Fun60 said...

Football, football,football! It would have taken over the country completely except for all the politicians on TV talking about the referendum today where we are voting whether to stay or leave the EU.

Loree said...

I would have loved to see you celebrate as a devil. It would have been funny.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Great comment on our Candidate Donald "Duck" Trump. There poster and sign that says "Dump Trump"
Not much of sport fan. My youngest one is a sport fan. But if we were all the same it would be pretty boaring.

Coffee is on

Betty said...

I didn't realize he had insulted Belgium too. It never ends.