24 Jun 2016


1. Officially summer has arrived, but not in Belgium, maybe the sun is afraid of our terrorist level n° 3 on 4 ! So what to do than pottering around in the house, blog and watch TV ? It's too dark outside to take pictures.

2. Nicole popped in one afternoon together with Charlie, who of course as soon as Mr. G. had opened the door, ran in the kitchen to empty the food bowls of the cats ! We chatted a bit and complained about this awful weather. On top it was rather cold.

3. I had some doctor appointments for the yearly check ups, and got the results, everything is normal, which was very good news. 

4. Finally it cleared up and the sun came out from time to time, enough to dry our grass, so that  Oscar could mow the lawn which had become dangerously high !

Arthur supervised. The temperatures had raised and I even could sit a bit on the terrace and also watch Oscar. What a nice invention !

5. It was very hot already in the morning which is quite unusual. I went to my Doctor and when I came out, the sky was black and it started raining and it cooled down so that I had to put on a jacket ! .
But not for long.

I met Nicole at Carrefour to have lunch together. The first mussels were in the restaurants and of course I wanted to try them out. They were delicious !

I was a little early so I made a tour around the shop and saw "red" a whole shop for Belgian football team accessoires.

During lunch time there had been a thunderstorm somewhere and buckets of water had fallen down, the whole parking was wet. Then the sun came out again full speed and we sat on Nicole's terrace.

When I returned around 6 pm it was still 30°C (86F) ! And then the whole night there were thunderstorms and heavy rain.

This morning I then heard that the UK will leave the European Union. That's very sad and also bad for the next generation. Now young British people could study and work in other European countries with the same rights, now they would need a work permit. And returning all the British EU employees to Britain will cost a lot and find them a new job ? And what happens to all the British companies abroad in Europe ? I think it will cost a lot of money to the UK ! Nobody here had thought that the majority was for the exit. My English friend married to a Belgian will probably loose her job because she works for an European institution unless she gets a work permit or becomes Belgian.

When I think think that when the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, I worked in an American company and we all feared that the English secretaries would take our job, because they had English as mothertongue and we had only learned it ! And now .... What a mess !

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  1. Oscar is a handy little guy, isn't he?

    There will be so many ramifications on the vote in the UK. It is so interesting to hear your perspective.

  2. Glad you got good results from your check up! It's about time that I need to go see my doctor, too. Gotta make appointment soon.
    I was surprised UK decided to exit. It's gonna be lots of mess for sure.

  3. Glad you got a clean bill of health. I managed to get my lawn cut in between the showers/downpours thunderstorms of this week. Is it really summer? As for the Brexit I was shocked too and disappointed. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. I don't think everyone will just be shipped back home (our NHS would collapse without all the foreign workers) there will be negotiations but for now it is all very unsettling and worrying especially now that Cameron has resigned and there is a call for a vote of No confidence for Jeremy Corbyn. And Scotland will use it as an excuse to call another referendum on independance. We don't feel a very United Kingdom today!

  4. So glad all the tests at the doctor's office turned out well. I need to investigate whether they make Oscar mowers here! It has been very hot here - finally got some rain last night.

  5. Your weather does seem to be up and down. Winter has arrived here at last and I'm looking forward to summer already. The Brexit news was a shock to everyone here too. 'What a mess' is right.

  6. It is, indeed, a mess. I was stunned to hear the news. I wish people would think of the consequences before casting their vote.

  7. So glad the results from the doctor appt were good! I can't even pretend to know all the ins and outs of what is happening with that vote but I'm watching with great interest. That little Oscar sure is a hard worker for you!


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