9 May 2016


We fell from one extreme to the other, from very cool spring temperatures we have now since a couple of days more than 25°C which is quite unusual for beginning May. So we inaugurated our terrace for this year, by cleaning the garden furniture and the terrace. After that we both collapsed and stopped !

I opened my summer office, and wished it could last for the whole year now !

In the morning I went with my car to the carwash. I had opened my window to pay, and then I drove through the sprinkler. Unfortunately I had forgotten to close the window and got the shower of my life ! I couldn't find the button to close the window because I didn't see anything my glasses were full of water, my hair, my cardigan, my face in short everything on the left side ! I had to stop and clean my glasses and face before I continued through the car wash. At least the 3 men who worked there had something to laugh but me too, I just imagined how I looked like when I drove through this sprinkle thing. I quickly drove home to dry my hair and took off the wet clothes. Mr. G was not surprised.

In the evening we went to the theatre it was the last play of our season ticket.

And for the first time since the 4 years Nicole and I are going there, we could eat outside on the terrace ! It was such a nice and warm evening. And the play was so funny ! We had a very nice evening.

On Sunday was Motherday and  all my friends occupied with their children who brought them the traditional flower bouquet. As my son lives in Amsterdam, I got a Skype call. I had always sent flowers to my mother who also lived far away, but apparently boys are different and don't even think about this. But I must be the mother of all cats, because I got a lot of "Happy Motherday" wishes from cat blogs !

I spent the whole day outside, even Mr. G. joined me and we were both sitting on the terrace with our computers. I caught on blogging and he played cards. The cats chased flies and bees ! It was so warm, with a little breeze. A real holiday ! 


Fun60 said...

Yes I am loving this weather. For the first time this year I sat out with a friend in her garden enjoying a glass of wine.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - it has been gorgeous ... and now the rain is coming - but that's May for us ... so pleased it came at the weekend and you were able to get things done, enjoy the play and eat outside often ... the car wash - ah well - it happens!

Cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Finally a warm day and you have stopped moaning about the bad weather :-P

Funny about the car wash. The men may have laughed but imagine what they were thinking about senior people.

You have updated your outdoor computer from being a cardboard box!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Really, that taking your own bath and washing your car at the same time has to make you the best multi-tasker of all time! What a great way to save time ;>). That whole story had me laughing , but the last sentence (Mr G was not surprised) was the funniest of all. I am pretty sure Bill would understand him perfectly.)

I'm glad you have some beautiful weather at last. (And for sure next time, you two should let someone else clean all the outdoor furniture -- that is always such a terrible job.)

Tamago said...

When I go through automatic car wash place, I always fear that I forget to close windows. Sorry that happended to you!

Loree said...

You had the warm temperatures and we had rain this weekend. But I am not complaining. Hope your nice weather continues.

Mara said...

My dad did that once. First he asked us in the back whether we had our windows closed (we had) and then he drove in and got a real soaking! He had forgotten his window. We had seen that of course, but he hadn't asked us!!