29 Jan 2016


1. Aqua gym was very hard this time, so that I fell asleep when I started to watch "Escape to the country" and the escaping was long over when I suddenly realized that I had slept ! I belong to the people who when they sleep in the afternoon, feel like if they had a hangover, so I did nothing except escaping to the country on the screen.

2. The GPS which Nicole has gotten for Christmas from her son is still not working properly. He apparently had chosen the most simple one, knowing his mother, but it seems that simple can be complicated. After Mr. G. had tried (then the battery was empty), her cousin, her daughter without any result, it still started from somewhere in Brussels, I met her for a coffee in the Lunch Garden which has free internet and with the help of YouTube where a guy explained the whole thing, I  tried to find out what was wrong. Of course the battery was not fully charged and I had to give up. Now I told Nicole to buy a charger ! We finally stayed there the rest of the afternoon with our tablets and Charlie as usual had a lot of success.

3. Chantal came over to spend the night in our house before her departure to Toronto to take care of her son. She lives  in the next bigger town, which is rather far to drive to the Brussels airport and it also was easier for me because we had to leave very early the next morning. So we had a nice evening together.


Brussels the hellhole

Despite the worrying Mr. Trump about our safety and thinks that we are living "in hellhole in Brussels" the airport looked very peaceful and I didn't even see one policeman or soldier. Mr. Trump must know Brussels very well as he had been here more than 20 years ago and never ever since, but he must have been recently in hell because he knows hellholes so well. I would rather put him in a madhouse. He destroys  the last good opinion about Americans in the whole world ! How is that possible to believe in such a guy ??

Brussels' airport.

I walked with Chantal to the check in and pulled the suitcase, as she had to walk on two crutches. Once rid of the suitcase she was taken care of by the service for handicapped persons, but before we had coffee and a croissant together. Then I waved good bye and drove home.

There was a lot of traffic on the road to the hellhole !

5. I hadn't wished a happy New Year to Ilona's mother who will be 92 this year. She still lives in her flat, cooks, goes shopping meets with friends and is in perfect health ! An example how to get old !
Ilona came too and we had coffee and cake together and spent a very nice afternoon. Her mother is quite a very humorful lady !

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Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - I won't deign to talk about trump (with a small t!). Lovely flowers in the Brussels photo ... and good to luck to Chantal; but I'm glad you had a happy time with Ilona and then with her mother too - shows us, if we're lucky, how we can age well ... cheers Hilary

Andrew said...

Brussels does not look like a hell hole by your photos. Nicole has to sit in her car with the unit charging and play with it until she understands the basics.

It is disturbing that a joke like Trump is taken seriously by so many people. Very disturbing.

diane b said...

Agree about Mr Trump.

Faith said...

great list of faves this week especially the coffee and croissant. yes most of us over here in the states are very embarassed by the trumpster. ew!!!!!!

ellen b said...

I'm one of those people, too, who suffers if they take an afternoon nap. 92 and still on her own...that's great! Have a wonderful weekend!

Loree said...

I don't know how people take Trump seriously. But anyway ... Wonderful to hear that a 92 year old lady is so beautiful. My great aunt is 92. She lives in a home but her brain is still very sharp.

Willow said...

Just so you know, most of us Americans feel the same way about mr. t.
Ilona's mother is a great example to all of us--age, independence and humor.
Being like you if I nap in the afternoon, I do what it takes so I don't unless I'm sick.

Barbara H. said...

Sometimes a nap helps me if I am just dragging, but sometimes it makes me too awake late at night.

I hope I can still be on my own at 92. One never knows what kind of unexpected health problems may come, so it is not possible for everyone - but seeing what my m-i-l has gone through as she has aged has made me especially hopeful that I can be independent as long as possible.

Please don't judge all Americans by Trump. He's a loose cannon and I can't imagine why he's popular except people like the idea of someone who is not a career politician taking charge. But a great many of us are embarrassed by him and hope he will not be our next president.

Susanne said...

The picture of the flowers, and I'm assuming that is book stands,is so colorful. Nice to see that when everything is all brown and grey and dull outside my window. I cannot nap in the afternoons at all. It makes me feel worse than if I had just pushed through the tiredness.

Schotzy said...

enjoyed your post... Brussles looks beautiful.... and I agree about t as well.

Mary said...

Most of us are over her scratching our heads about the whole Trump thing, too! I don't anyone who has said they're going to vote for him. I, for one, am praying very hard for us!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Your friend's mother is a great example of how I want to get old -- to be described as a humorful lady and able to live independently at that age. I always enjoy hearing about her.

Don't even get me started on Trump. I can hardly type the name without getting sick to my stomach. I swear if he should somehow be elected, I will leave the country. I want to write a bad word here to describe him, but I won't. PLEASE know that not all of us over here are going crazy. I do think the media is partly to blame, if they'd just stop giving him so much attention it would be better. We are in a strange place politically right now; I can only hope people come to their senses before it is too late.