17 Dec 2015


Once upon a time a little boy, our son got a small maybe 30 cm high little Christmas tree, as gift from his primary school. I suppose that this had happened in 1979. We planted it besides our house.

The little tree grew and grew and became a beautiful fir which protected our garden from drafts and also hid the view into the yard.

It looked very decorative

Our neighbor also had a fir and they grew together. While I was on holidays in Egypt, the neighbor had asked the city to cut down his fir and offered it for decoration in the town of course not by generosity, but he had heard that if firs could be used as Christmas trees they cut it down for free.

Mr. G. heard the noise and went outside to ask the city employees if they could cut our tree too ! Which they did and as our tree was more beautiful than the one of our neighbors ours was chosen

and it was cut down ! My neighbor fortunately took pictures.

Now our garden looks so empty and I am really sad. This fir didn't disturb anybody except dear Mr. G. who was afraid that if ever there was a strong wind it would fall on our house ! He was the only one in the street who thought so ! Now I am asked all the time why we had had cut this tree ? Difficult to explain, as I don't understand neither.

The only consolation is, that our tree now sits in the middle of the first round about in Waterloo on the main street. It's not yet decorated and I am waiting to take a picture ! Maybe I should sign it.

PS. Meanwhile it has been decorated see here

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  2. Things happen when you go on holiday and you can still visit your tree at the roundabout. Did the cats ever climb the tree?

  3. Hi Gattina - well that was a surprise welcome home ... but it looks good for the Christmas and festive time ... cheers Hilary

  4. Do I hear a divorce approaching?:)

  5. I am so sorry. I would hate to come home and find any of my trees gone.

  6. I'm a sentimental old fool and I would have been heartbroken losing a tree that one of my sons had brought home from school as a seedling! I felt bad when we moved a couple of years ago because I had planted small trees that the city gave away on arbor day and they had gotten taller than the house. I hope whoever lives there now hasn't taken them down!

  7. That's going to be a big space to fill in your garden.

  8. That is such a pity that they cut the tree down. I am sad whenever a tree is cut down but maybe it's because we have so few trees here.

  9. That must have been quite a surprise when you returned home. Hang a card on the tree saying, 'Once a beloved tree of Gattina'.

  10. We'll never understand men. Its nice that it will be decorated and used in the town though.

  11. Well, you have to be proud that your tree is now for everybody to enjoy, and the first thing you see entering yourhometown!

  12. This is a marvelous christmas tree now ! I wait fortthe decorations !

  13. Aw, that's sad. It's nice that the city can enjoy it for a few weeks.

  14. Did you sign it? I hope you did. The Mama of mine is like your Mr. G. Anytime the tree in our front yard gets a bit too tall, she demands that it be pruned back. She will not be assured that the tree may come down during a storm. It's not even half the siza as your beautiful fir tree. Merry Christmas!

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  16. Maybe you are at holydays?!
    want to invite you to

  17. At first this post made me sad but then your attitude about the whole thing really warmed my heart!

    People only worry out of love...even though it's sometimes misplaced.

    I'm off to see the link where it's decorated!

    Thank you for sharing your fir tree.

    Happy New Year and...



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