16 Nov 2015


This weekend we celebrated the 5th birthday of our grandson Toby, three days early but we had to choose a weekend.

While we waited for their arrival on Saturday morning we watched the news and were shocked about what had happened in Paris.

First thing of course for Toby was to unpack the gifts !

We had offered him a Playmobile castle and with mum's help he put it together

In the afternoon, my son had invited Toby's little Belgian friends to celebrate the birthday in the kid's factory.

Of course he got again a lot of gifts but then they were running and jumping around and had a lot of fun, while we adults were sitting in the restaurant.

I had theater tickets together with Nicole and my neighbor, so I had to leave them from 5 to 7 to see the play. It was really very funny and we enjoyed it very much. It was the story of a couple who had killed their rich husbands/wives, 5 for both and then they had married and tried to kill each other. It was hilarious.

Mr. G. had prepared Spaghettis, the favorite plate for each kid !

and then came the big moment, blowing out the candle and eating the birthday cake !

What a day for Toby but also for us, so we went to bed really early !

On Sunday there was a very strong wind and it also was wet. So we stayed home, Toby watched a bit TV and played with his new toys, while Arthur did the survey.

Then they had to leave the weekend was over only too quickly.

I blogged a bit and Mr. G. was glued on the TV screen for the Formular 1 !


Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina ... 5 already - amazing, but so good to see. He does look tired ... so can understand you would be too. Those sorts of theatre plays are always so much fun - the kind I love ... cheers Hilary

Mara said...

Ooh, happy birthday Toby!
It looks like you had a very busy weekend and the play sounds hilarious. I can remember those sort of plays were on the television back in the day and always loved them.

Fun60 said...

Looks like Toby had a great time. Exhausting though and you even managed to fit in a theatre trip.

Maribeth said...

Happy Birthday to dear Toby, my birthday twin!

Linens and Royals said...

Happy Birthday Toby, you are already five and looking so grown up. You received some lovely gifts to enjoy. Hope Arthur enjoyed them too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I'd probably still be asleep after that weekend ! He's growing up ... Glad you were able to celebrate together .... ( I think )!

Loree said...

Happy birthday to Toby. He keeps getting cuter and cuter.

diane b said...

Gosh those five years passed quickly. It looks like he had a great birthday. You did well.