19 Nov 2015


Between 2,000 and 2,500 people, according to local police, took part Wednesday evening in  Molenbeek in a rally in memory of the victims of the attacks in Paris on 13 November.

On the town square was drawn in large and chalk the word "Molenbeek", whose letters were covered with candles by the public.

"We decided to organize this action to go against the media who are obscuring Molenbeek.

The Molenbeek population is very sad and upset about what happened in their community. A French Journalist Eric Zemmour had even suggested to bomb Molenbeek instead of Syria ! Which of course made a big scandal !


Andrew said...

I think it is the same the world over. There are areas where new immigrants settle and while most love their area and make a community, there are the disenfranchised. Not sure about in your country, but I think here, taking in too many refugees from one area is not a good idea. There are refugees from many areas of the world, mix and blend.

Sandra Carlier said...

I really watch tv about the terrible event in Paris each day. Of course Zemmour is a stupid guy and doesn't represent french people opinion! French people sust now wish those horrible crimes stop for ever ! The police do all for that and I suppose now collaboration between our two lands will be very strengh!

Loree said...

I am so tired of it all - a few mad people are making our world a horrible place to live in.

jabblog said...

The strength of feeling and abhorrence at this awful tragedy is felt the world over. It unites us.

Linens and Royals said...

So sad for the people of Paris and Molenbeek.