17 Aug 2015


During the night the temperature had dropped from 30°C to 16°C and it rained cats and dogs or rather Elephants and dinosaurs the whole day !

The keyboard on my laptop didn't work properly anymore, some letters were stuck. Impossile to type even by hammering on the key.  After having tried out everything, Mr. G. came with a provisory solution !

He put another keyboard on my laptop and at least I could type again. I have to get my laptop repaired, fortunately it is still under guarantee.

In the afternoon I went to Nicole to share with her the rainy weather with a cup of coffee and some updating chats.

Charlie was happy to see me, he had a companion, the dog of Nicole's daughter. When I left she walked the dogs and I was happy that I don't have to do that with my cats when it rains !

On Sunday the sun came out again and I took the opportunity to visit the Brussels' Flowertime event on the Grand Place.

I was early a little after 9 am, but there were already lots of people walking towards the Grand' Place.

The flower display on the place was absolutely beautiful. The flowers looked like a stream flowing over the place. It continued inside the City Hall,  but there were so many people already lining up, that I decided to wait a bit.

I had a coffee on the terrace of the "Roi d'Espagne" which was in the past  the café where I had my dates. As it was high season the price for a coffee was so expensive, more than the half of the price in winter ! To compensate, the coffee spoon disappeared in my purse, I just had lost the one of my cup I use in my painting course.

Inside the café almost nothing had changed, not even the stuffed horse I had seen for the first time when I was 13 !

This flower festival was absolutely beautiful I will write a special post about it.


Linens and Royals said...

Gasp! Gasp! Shock horror, I am clutching my heart! You mean you took the spoon??? Seriously though, even if I could remember my 13yr old self I couldn't find a sign of me. Everything has changed too much here. Though I know I always loved cats.

Mari said...

Ohoho the spoon disappeared hahaha. Well compensated!

Where ypu had that expensive coffee was beautiful. The flower display was absolutely worth visiting. No wonder there was a big amount of people.

Mara said...

Can't wait for the flower post!

Jo said...

Like Linens and Royals, one memory sticks out from when I was 13: I already loved animals: mainly cats! Phew, did that plastic spoon compensate for the expensive coffee? The flower festival looks festive. Have a great day. Jo

Tessa~ Here there be musing said...

Certainly glad the sun came out for this event!!!!!

Keyboard problems... Ughhhh... Under guarantee still... YES!!!!

Inside that café, must be delightful! Love old, and not changed places.


Fun60 said...

It is so nice to have a good friend like Nicole nearby to enjoy a cup of coffee with and a chat no matter what the weather is like. Every time you use that spoon you will remember that very expensive drink. I'm looking forward to the flower post.

Loree said...

We had rain yesterday. It was very refreshing. Now it's back to summer but with a cool breeze. Perfect! I am sure the flower festival was a gorgeous spectacle.

Andrew said...

Must remember to check the silver after you visit. The price increase in coffee is ridiculous. You are a local person, not a tourist.