11 Jun 2015


Some years ago I had a yellow car. I didn't order a yellow one on purpose, but I needed a new car immediately because my car had been stolen and I had to take the one they had in stock and that was a yellow car !

It didn't look bad, I wouldn't say so, but it was not very discreet. I could never have been a detective and follow a car with an unfaithful husband, a secret service agent or a spy. I was immediately noticed by everybody.

I met people, friends or neighbors, and they told me : "you were in the cinema", "you were shopping" "I saw your car in front of the City hall" "I saw your car in our street, what did you do there ?"

At the very beginning as owner of a yellow car I wondered why so many people had seen me and knew where I had gone. But after a while I understood. It was because of my yellow car !
The worst was when I heard from my car supplier, that I was the only person in the whole city with a yellow car !

So there was nothing to do, as long as I had my yellow car, I had to behave correctly, I couldn't go anywhere without being noticed : visit a lover, robbing a bank, dealing drugs or only be a drunken driver !

I had to have a perfect lifestyle and drive my yellow car without attracting attention, which was not always very easy ! When my yellow car gave up it's soul, I bought a black one, not a very good idea when you have four cats which take your car as their personal boulevard ! Now I have a white "goes everywhere" car and pawprints are less visible !

Jenny Matlock
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  1. Yellow is my favourite colour and I always wanted a yellow car, now I am pleased I never bought one. My present car is blue, everyone has a blue car so I drive unnoticed by all.

  2. Great car and post for D ~ I had one of those types of cars and everyone did know where I went ~ now I have a colorful car but more discretionary ~

    Happy Weekend coming to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  3. My friend had a yellow car and he had the same problem as you :)

  4. What a fun post. Thanks for sharing! Have a great Friday.

  5. I once had a distinctive car, although not by colour, and I had the same issues. My brother has a red car and it is always useful to see him arriving and finding his car in a car park.

  6. I would go for white ... Interesting post

  7. I would go for white ... Interesting post

  8. One of our cars was a bright yellow VW bug. I loved that car and wish we had kept it.

  9. How funny! My first car was a yellow one. Wish I still had her.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  10. Well I guess your yellow car saved you from a life of crime ;>)~~~ When I was growing up in our small town my brother and I could recognize everybody's car. (We ran free or rode our bikes all over town all day long -- those were the days.) We knew where Mr P next door was because he had a purple Hudson, somebody else drove a green Buick, or a Nash, a rich lady had a Cadillac .... the cars were distinctive. Not so much as your yellow car maybe, but still a kid could play detective as we'd see the cars around town. Nobody ever did anything interesting though.
    Now everybody's car looks alike.

  11. I had a yellow car once, and I swore everyone thought I was driving a taxi.

  12. Hmmm. I guess you couldn't be very discreet in a yellow car. You had to behave for those years until you got something that could be less noticeable! ha!

    Thanks for a cute link for the letter D.

    I appreciate the smile!



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