12 Jun 2015


1. I had seen that the first mussels of this year had come out and couldn't resist to order a plate.

It looked and was absolutely delicious. Mussels and chips are one of the typical Belgian plates.

2. My nearly 17 years old cat had to have her last teeth pulled out, to avoid infections.

I dropped her off early morning and to my surprise my vet called me to say she will bring Pookie over because she was in the area and thought that way I don't have to pick her up ! I don't know any vet who would do this ! Pookie behaved like a drunken sailor, but the next day it was already better.

3. To know a little more about the renovations of the Waterloo Battle field site, for my volunteer work at the Tourist office, I drove there and had to state that the site is still not finished, 10 days before the bicentenary celebrations.

There was still a lot to do, at least the fields were clean now to put up the "village" !

4. When I arrived at the Tourist office to answer the phone

I saw to my surprise that a horse with a carriage full of water containers was standing in front of the building. It was real folklore, they water the hanging pots with the help of a horse instead of a vehicle !

This time I was very busy with answering more or less stupid questions, like "do you rent costumes for the battle" or "How can I drive my son in law to work, when all streets are closed". Of course they are not all closed, only around the Lion's Hill. Many also asked for tickets, but all the 180.000 tickets are sold.

5. I picked up Mr. G at the Brussels Airport late at 11 pm. To find a parking place was easy and according to Internet informations it should have been Parking 1. It turned out it was for arrivals. There was not a single soul and no numbers on the floor, in short no indication at all to find your way back to the car ! I took out a paper and noted how many colons I passed, that I had to cross a blue way and the exit was in front of the "Help Desk" where nobody was at this hour. I had to take the elevator down to the "Arrivals". Mr. G, didn't have a suntanned face as he should have, no he looked as if he came back not from Italy but from the Rain forest. He was happy to be back, after having been with two like machine guns talking girls, his sister and niece, and all the food they prepared for him twice a day ! I think this was the last time he went there he hadn't even seen the beautiful Garda Lake !

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Andrew said...

Mussels. Yum!

Mara said...

Oh poor Pookie! Hope the mouth is much better now.

biebkriebels said...

I love the mussels and chips.That is a really nice vet to bring the cat home!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh that's so nice to use a horse again.
My dog loses her teeth all by herself.
But she is still the boss. lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of mussels. I don't think I've ever had any.

That was amazing of your vet.

How inserting to work at the Tourist office!

Airport parking can be so confusing. Glad you found each other!

Linens and Royals said...

Now Pookie will have to drink soup through a straw for the rest of her life as I haven't heard of false teeth for cats yet.

Ann said...

What a beautiful place to live. And to eat mussels!! :-)

Dianna said...

Gattina, I always enjoy reading your favorite five. It sounds like you have an interesting job with the Tourist office. Your pictures are amazing...and I love the use of the horse and carriage to carry the water to water the plants! You won't find that happening here in America.

Glad your hubby arrived back home safely. I know you are, too.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Poor Pookie. Hurts my mouth to think about it -- but what a nice Vet you have.

I'd probably have never found my car at the airport, I can get lost in a closet.

Mussels -- yummmy. My son in law gathers them at the Oregon Coast and those were the first ones we ever ate, they are so delicious.

Anonymous said...

Oh, moules-frites! I never got to eat this dish when I visited Belgium, but I love mussel and I love fries :-)

Glad to hear that Pookie is better. And even got a ride home from the vet! That's service!

Susanne said...

Poor little Pookie. What a nice thing for your vet to do. That would never happen here!! Looks like it's going to be very busy for you in the coming days with all the celebrations and volunteer work. I've never tried mussels but my son loves them.

Gracie said...

I like mussels and fries sooooo much, I have any time I see they are on the menu....
I hope your cat is well now

Anonymous said...

I love mussels and fries, I have them anytime I found them on the menu!