25 May 2015


As it was sunny but not too warm, I had no excuse anymore to postphone the more than necessary garden work. I pulled all my courage together, gave me an imaginary kick in the unspeakable took my car and went to the garden center where I always buy my flowers to be put in pots.

I thought it would be an easy job, just pulling out the fake flowers and plant the real ones in, but I hadn't counted with the weeds who had found a nice home in my pots ! When I had finished to clean all the pots and added some new soil, I was already fed up ! But I continued. Finally the flowers were in the pots at least in the front of our house and the entrance on one side. I decided that tomorrow was another day, fell on the sofa and watched a little TV before starting with my computer. Mr. G. was sent to the garden center to buy four bags of bark. He opened the bags, throw the bark in four different places, and exhausted went inside too !

The front

The back

The next day I planted the flowers in the pots on the terrace, and raked the bark in the right places. I finished with an anti snail product, as we have again a snail invasion who eat up everything available even invoices in our mail box.

Now our garden looks like "little Versailles" and I was very satisfied. Relieved I thought that now I will be in peace until autumn when I have to pull the whole stuff out again.

Then I went to Ilona who was also exhausted from garden work and we lay in the sun and relaxed, recovering from our hard work !


Jo said...

Oh WOW, I've never seen a widescreen view of your back garden and home and I love it. So neat! I had to laugh. We women do small chores, then sit on a patio chair in the sun to rest. I ask Rina if she doesn't feel like a cigarette because then I can relax at the same time! Grant wanted to start a wood-work job in the garage, but he says his fingers are frozen. So he asked what he should buy in town for me and drove off in the car! Have a great week. Jo

diane b said...

Hee hee you have me laughing out loud. I'm sure you are happy with your effort now that it is all done. It good exercise for you so you can eat more afternoon tea with Ilona.

Linens and Royals said...

Is that Rosie and Arthur I can see in the background admiring all your hard work? I don't have snails here, too much salt water around.

Fun60 said...

Well done. What a sense of satisfaction knowing you have sorted out the garden for the Summer. I have only just got back out into the garden as I had to wait for my foot to heal. I spent all day yesterday weeding and I am nowhere near finished. Too much to do and so little time. Off to Canada next weekend.

Andrew said...

Not quite Versailles but very nice. What is your roof material? It looks like slate. Snails are a big problem in Poland at the moment too, I have heard.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Ha Ha we have snails that eat our invoices too, but unfortunately we still have to pay the bills!
Looking lovely your little Versailles after all your hard work!
Wren x

Loree said...

Gardening is exhausting but rewarding. I love flowers.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

The lying in the sun part is the only thing in this post that I do! ;>).

Reader Wil said...

Your garden looks very peaceful and green! You have done a great job!
Have a great week.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Sandra Carlier said...

Perfect ! You did a great job and Oscar too !