6 Apr 2015


On Easter Saturday I thought about the poor kids who will go into the different parks in Brussels for egg hunting in this rain we have since a week. Only late afternoon the sun showed it's nose for a few minutes !

After having done some laundry, blogging and watching TV I needed to go out ! Finally I ended up in the huge Carrefour store, where you find everything and which is big enough for a little walk ! I didn't buy anything but watched the people with their overloaded caddies with Easter goodies.

In the evening I got a Skype call from my friends in Eastbourne they had moved back into their house they had to leave for 6 months because they had a water infiltration. She was happy to show me around, the new kitchen and bathroom, new painting and new doors. I will see this all when I am going there end of July. Skype is great for house "sightseeings" !

On Easter Sunday the sun was shining ! So before I went to the hospital to visit Ilona's mother, 

I decided for a little walk through the park Cheneau which is very close. Unfortunately it was still very cold, only 8°C and I thought the couple laying on the grass was very courageous. The building is called a castle but looks more like a manor. As you can see nature is very late the trees are still naked like in winter and nothing was blooming. With the wind it was really unpleasant to walk for a long time.

After the park, I went to the hospital, which once had been a very old one, completely outdated, but after a serious renovation and a new built annex it became now a very modern and welcoming hospital. The reception was nicely decorated for Easter and the personal is very friendly. This hospital is specialized for back, hips and knee surgeries. Ilona's mother (91) had a back surgery a week ago. When I saw her she walked towards me like a young girl and looked absolutely great. 

I had brought her a little Easter greeting and she was very happy to see me. We chatted for an hour before I returned home. She really is an amazing woman and will probably survive us all !

Weekend In Review


Mara said...

You had a busy weekend! We have only had one day of stormy weather last week, the rest was calm and fine. Perhaps not the warmest, but at least it was dry!

diane b said...

It looks a nice park for a walk. It is a shame the weather was awful. The hospital looks wonderful and the old lady must be tough. Nice of you to visit her and take a gift. Hope you had a happy Easter. Sorry I haven't been visiting for a while. I needed a break.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. sounds like a good day - and hasn't the weather been miserable - it's better today. Glad you were able to visit Ilona's mother .. and give her something to cheer about - but walking so well too - what good news.

So pleased for D and A - that they're back home .. and with new rooms etc .. lucky them that it's all worked out so well .. and as you say see you in July ..

Cheers Hilary

Jodi said...

I hope the rain has left you!! Love all your pictures!! Thanks for playing along! Have a great week!!