10 Apr 2015


1. In a sudden energy attack, I took the opportunity to take all the curtains off, washed them and put them back. The winter dirt is gone and the curtains are bright white !

2. The sun had suddenly taken a decision and showed its nose ! It was still a little too cool to sit in our garden, but Nicole's terrace is wind protected and she asked me to come over for a first sunbath !

We still wore cardigans but it was so nice to sit outside, see the trees starting to bloom and the neighbor's garden the first flowers had been planted. Charlie also enjoyed the sunshine and listened to our conversation.

3. Mr. G. to my surprise had bought a "machine" to burn all weeds ! It's just great !

There is a very hot flame coming out and burns all weeds. You could sit in a chair and turn around and get rid of all weeds. Our gravel is now completely clean and cat Arthur was supervising the whole procedure.

4. It had been quite a long time I hadn't been at Ilona's, and again to enjoy the sunshine, we sat on her terrace in the sun.

She had her terrace transformed with a new flower bed and had a rack installed to stock her logs for her wood burner. Now it's easy for her to carry in the logs. It all looked very nice. We had a nice afternoon with a cup of tea !

5. The sun continued shining and I felt obliged to work a little bit in the garden ! For the first time this year Oscar the lawn mower robot was taken out of his winter bed and mowed the lawn while Mr. G continued with his flame thrower to kill the weeds.

I was fed up to see my empty flower pots and as it is still too cold to plant anything else but pansies

I decided to "plant" my fake flowers in the pots. Seen from the street they look real. Now the entrance looks nice and also my little graveyard in the back. I also cut the grass along the terrace where Oscar has difficulties to mow. After that I was exhausted and hid behind my computer to recuperate !

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A Colorful World said...

When it comes to yard work, it can overwhelm you, but it is always so enjoyable to see the pretty flowers in bloom, and everything so neat and lovely. I really like your weed torch! We've been wanting to get one...we pay twice a year to have the weeds removed professionally from our desert landscaping and it's more than we can afford! The weeds are only a problem after the early spring rains and then after the summer monsoons, so late spring and early fall we have the man come out. But I would much rather use your method! We don't have any grass to mow, which is a plus. Your yard is looking great!

Paula said...

How nice to have those pesky weeds gone, and your friend's flower bed looks lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you got a lot done this week! And what beautiful weather!

Anonymous said...

Spring will do that to a person! A lawn mower robot? And a "flame thrower" for weeds. You and Mr. G are having too much fun with the yard work. Glad you've been able to get outside in the sunshine and visit with friends.

Susanne said...

A weed burner? Now that is interesting. Glad you had some sunshine to sit out in! We've been able to get outside and soak up some warmth and Vitamin D this week too though today is windy as all get out.

Jo said...

Mr G the flame thrower ! I love it! And the idea of burning the weeds instead of spraying poison also impresses me. I love seeing Charlie and of course, Arthur! Thanks for sending my header options. They're super! Jo

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Gattina is ready for spring with clean curtains and soaking in sunshine!

The weed burner sounds terrific. I'm going to look into it.

Mara said...

I can't mow the lawn just yet: it is still way too wet. The grass is becoming higher by the day though, so I hope next weekend will be a nice and dry weekend. As for using a flame thrower to burn off the weeds: I would probably burn the house down!

Loree said...

That weed burner sounds like a great discovery. We are late with yard work this year. Our winter was quite cold (by our standards) and some of my herbs did not make it. Time to go buy some new ones and also some flowering plants.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Wow, that energy attack lasted quite a while. I need one of those.

We have a weed burner in Oregon -- Bill enjoys using it.

Linens and Royals said...

I've never heard of a flame throwing weed burner but now I want one. I think I could have a lot of fun with it!