27 Apr 2015


The whole week the sun was shining, but as soon as the weekend arrived it started to rain. Poor people who only have their weekends for going out.

In all side streets of Waterloo the Japanese cherry trees are in full bloom and it looks really very beautiful.

Unfortunately the snails like this spring weather too and started to invade our yard and eat every plant they can find. The leaves of my rhododendron were full of holes, so it was an emergency to buy the snail killing product. It's unbelievable what damage they can cause, they even once ate up an invoice in the letter box !

After shopping I stopped at Nicole's for a coffee. Charlie had a paw surgery a nail had been taken out and she has to disinfect the wound. Charlie is an angel, he doesn't move during the whole procedure.

Sunday evening we went to the cinema and watched the Marigold 2. The room was packed with vintage people who laughed their heads off during the movie ! It was absolutely hilarious, and full of very good humour. We enjoyed the movie very much ! After the movie we went to our usual Pub "La pomme" and had a drink there. We really had a very nice evening.


  1. Can't wait for that movie to be released in Italy too

  2. The cherry trees are so beautiful. Hope Charlie is doing better. Yes, snails can cause a lot of damage but I still think they look rather cute.

  3. I haven’t seen Marigold 2 yet. I am looking forward to it.

    Poor doggie.

  4. What a delightful weekend you had. I have to say mine was pretty mundane compared to yours.


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