25 Aug 2014


Claudie took me to a place called "Almanar" near Hyères, a seaside resort. It is a very wild landscape, with large beaches and not too many tourists. A paradise for windsurfers too.

We saw wild flamingos and ancient salt cellars, and I was told that the landscape here looks like the famous Camargue.

We found a nice place at the harbor and had an ice cream.

On Sunday Claudie's sister had invited us for a brunch. From her house you have this beautiful view. The warships I only discovered on the photos. Later we even drove by.

There was an old Pizza stove which the Grandfather had built. On the table was so much food that it would have been enough for a whole army ! We couldn't eat it all, but it was delicious.

Before the ice cream the men tried to make a kite fly for the two little granddaughters of Claudie's sister.

At 3 pm we returned home and then Claudie took me to another beach called "La Sablette".

We walked a little along the beach and then had a drink. From far I could see the two rocks called "the brothers".

So another day went by where we had a lot of fun !


Jo said...

I read about Carmargue and this scene indeed looks that idyllic place on the Rhone. All I can say about the brunch is *sigh* how I would have loved to be there. Just my type of food and way of eating. Yum! You look like you're having a really great time. ENJOY! xxx

Mara said...

It looks like a fantastic holiday. I am quite jealous right now, since over here it's windy and rainy, although I do see the sun over the island in the distance.

Linens and Royals said...

Wild flamingos! now that is exotic and the beach looks not so crowded.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're having a great time and a good weather!

Andrew said...

Claudie, her husband and her sister seem very nice hosts for your holiday.

Camargue is not a place I know of, but I do recall that there was a Rolls Royce Camargue.

Loree said...

What a beautiful place. You are so adventurous. It seems like you had a fun-packed weekend.

Sandra Carlier said...

Last year it was a rainy day when we went to L'Almanar and this summer it was a windy day!!! How will be our next visit?!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos. The food looks delicious!