29 Aug 2014


1. At the beginning of this week I was still in Southern France. We went to St Cyr sur mer to pick up Claudie's eldest daughter who lives there together with her boyfriend.

It's a rather romantic place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by vineyards, fields and beautiful flowers.


We went to the habour of St. Cyr admired the huge boats and I pitied the tourists on the beach who lay there like sardines in a can, side by side and roasted in the sunshine.

We looked for a nice place to have an ice cream together !


On my last day I enjoyed the sunshine laying on a hammock. First I was a little hesitating to climb on that thing, I thought I would roll over and land on the tiles, but I managed and it was very comfortable !

Claudie and I posed in front of the habour of Sanary, which is the closest to Ollioules where Claudie lives. In the evening the whole family gathered for the last meal, (see pictures post below)

4. On our way back there was a terrible smell in our car. It really stank like fertilizer. We closed the window, but it made it only worse. We thought about wearing gas masks, it became unbearable. The mistery was solved when I got out of the car ! I had stepped in dog poo and it was my shoe which smelled so badly ! We bursted out in laughter, I cleaned my shoe as good as I could and the smell was gone !

5. I left France taking the plane in Marseille. It was so hot that I wore just my thin trousers and a light T-shirt. I had some spare trousers and another T-shirt and a thick cardigan left out of my suitcase I knew I would fly into cold weather. At the air-conditioned airport I started dressing for winter ! I put on the other pair of trousers over the once I was wearing and a second T-shirt. In the plane it was so cold that I had to wear my cardigan.

The flight went smooth and 1/1/2 hour later I arrived wearing also my raincoat ! From 30° (86F) I landed in 19° (66F) and grey weather. Mr. G. picked me up and we went home.

Holidays are finished ! Routine life has me back !


Hazel Ceej said...

Love love your favorites! It's France, what was I thinking :) You look fabulous in red!

Gracie said...

Glad you'r back home safely Mrs Globetrotter!

Faith said...

oh i love your faves!! YAY for your French vacation...i sooo wanna go back to France someday and see Provence. We were only in Paris and Versaille....how blessed you are to live so close! enjoy the end of summer

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday! Well, except for the dog poo. :-) Hope you get acclimated back to everyday life well.

Willow said...

Your photos of France always look like Southern California--of course it's the same climate. And we had 86F this week too.

Holidays are nice (bad smells notwithstanding)but being back in routine is good too.

Karen said...

Lovely pictures! Maybe I'll make it to France one day:)

Jo said...

St Cyr looks and sounds wonderful. Has Claudie changed her hair color? She looks lovely. And so do you. I heard a joke about how Riverdance originated: from a bad smell and then the person looking under each shoe very quickly! Your travelling is like ours. We left Bloem in minus temps. Johannesburg was 6 ° C. Then we arrived that night in Dar to 25 °C. Divine weather here in Mwadui too. Have a great weekend. Jo

Melanie Lopata said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! I haven't been out of the country yet, not sure I will (don't like to fly).

Sounds like you're having fun (love the pics)