4 Aug 2014


I had bought a weekly travel card for the bus and as I was a little lazy for walking around I thought I could do some sightseeing just sitting on the top of the bus. And that's what I did. The bus took me all around Eastbourne through the old city up through little villages and it lasted more then an hour. It was a wonderful sightseeing tour !

Then I sat at the seafront, read my book and watched people going by. There were workers on the burnt casino on the pier, it will be repaired for next year's season.

We went to Hastings for a walk and didn't know that a carnival procession just took place

Lots of floats were passing by

We saw some fancy costumes

This one rather bloody

and lots of marching bands. It was very nice, although rather cold because of a strong wind. At least it didn't rain !

For the last time I took my bus to Eastbourne and arrived in time to listen to an Elvis concert !

The Elvis "copy" wasn't the youngest one neither the girls, but he did an excellent performance and had just the same voice. It was so fun to watch the now old Teenagers dancing in the street, and even those sitting in a wheelchair were swinging ! There also was a market on the street but I didn't see anything interesting. Then I had a little lunch and went to the seafront were I enjoyed the sunshine.

This little card arrived on Saturday from Hilary with whom I met on Wednesday. She saw cats and thought of me. I was really touched.


EastCoastLife said...

Every one having fun at the carnival! Looks like Halloween has arrived earlier haha....

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - well you see a lot of the local area .. I should follow in your footsteps sometime!

The Hastings carnival looked a great event - with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves .. lovely fun costumes.

I'm visiting the seafront today so I'll stroll out and have a look at the pier to see the damage for myself - sad ... and I hope they get it repaired as soon as they can.

Safe journey back home and enjoy a brief look around London before you leave ..

Glad you enjoyed the little 'thank you' card ... cheers HIlary

Andrew said...

Scary zombies!

Sandra Carlier said...

Le bord de mer comme un aimant!!! HiHi!!! The carnaval looks a very nice event! And even the singer after! Vive les vacances!

Fun60 said...

Just trying to catch up. The fire and destruction of Eastbourne pier is a terrible shame. We love our Victorian piers and hate it when something like this happens. I hope you are right when they say it will be rebuilt by next summer. Looking at your sea side photos is making me long for a visit to the sea.

Linens and Royals said...

A fire, a procession and a meeting with a blog friend! Everything happens when you go on holiday!

jabblog said...

You pack so much into your holidays - it makes mere mortals like me feel most inadequate:-)

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What fun. We loved the double-decker buses in London and made our own sightseeing tours that way quite often. (Better to me than an orgainzed tour.) K just wish there was better transportation like that in more places.