4 Jul 2014


1. On Monday we left Torquay for Falmouth. Fortunately it didn't rain while we all pulled out suitcases to the station opposite the hotel and we only had to change the train once. In the train we had a lot of fun, seniors apparently enjoy excursions more then school children ! After 4 or 5 h we finally arrived in Falmouth where a coach waited for us to bring us to the hotel. It was so late that we just had the time to storm into the dining room for dinner. The staff wasn't prepared for so many people we were 31 and just after arriving still dressed in our coats we had to choose a menu on a paper, for each person one. Then we waited and waited. Some men got grumpy because they had to wait for so long and served themselves with drinks in the meanwhile. I had a spoon to eat my cheese the cutlery was rather mixed up, some only had a knife for ice cream and we had to laugh. We were all very tired and went early to bed.

2. The next day we went to St. Ives, Lands end and Mousehole and had a view on Penzance.

The tour
(see post below)

3. Again we had no time to see the hotel or the surroundings because the tour was finished and everybody went home. The majority of our group were English, there was an Australian couple which celebrated their golden wedding and a South African couple and of course we four girls from Belgium. We took the train to London.

our last supper in the Falmouth Hotel

4. We spent the whole day in London before we took the Eurostar train back to Brussels (post below)

5. I was feeling put through a mangle and was very tired. When I wanted to check my bank account, I noticed that I had lost my bank card ! The only time I had used it was in a pharmacy in Torquay. Mr. G. went to the bank and blocked it, fortunately nobody had used it. This took the rest of my energy if there was any left !
The afternoon I spent in our garden and sorted out all the pictures I had taken !

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Jo said...

Oh no, that hotel sounds like it could be in Africa! We waited so long for dinner in a smart hotel in northern Namibia last year. Eventually I started a bit of a fight; I have a photo with his head down - I think he was embarrassed although he was just as fed-up with the bad service, he didn't do anything about it! Did you know where the SA couple came from? I'm glad you're home and resting again !

Linens and Royals said...

I agree that seniors have more fun when out and about than schoolchildren. Except for some old men who hate to wait for their food.
Hope you are feeling better now, losing the bankcard must have been a bit of a worry.

Anonymous said...

The tour sounds very fun though perhaps a bit tiring if losing a bank card is part of it!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good but tiring trip!

Anonymous said...

That's quite a fright to find a bank card missing. Glad that story had a happy ending! Time to rest up--I imagine you have another excursion on the horizon.

diane b said...

It sounds like you need a rest to get over the holiday. Our trip was a bit disastrous too. Glad no one had used your bank card.

Susanne said...

Wow, that sounds like a whirlwind tour! So glad everything was ok with the bankcard and no money missing in your account. Have a nice restful weekend.

Mara said...

Just caught up on your holiday! It sounds extremely tiring, but a very fun holiday nonetheless. Hope you get the rest you need!

Robyn Lee said...

Sounds exhausting but enjoyable. The south of England is supposed to be beautiful. I'm glad you didn't lose any funds through losing our bank card!