20 Jun 2014


1. The daily routine is back again, since Mr. G. returned from Italy. I rediscovered my watch to be in time for meals, he is like a train who always stops at the same time.

First thing I did on Monday, I went shopping to fill in the fridge ! Before that I bought a pair of shoes, for my forthcoming holidays.

2. Ever since my friend Ilona has got a bread baking machine, I also wanted one. The smallest possible, because we are only two and I didn't want to have a monster sitting in the kitchen.

I found a very nice one the same like Ilona's ! What a dream, now I can watch TV, while mowing the lawn with Oscar the robot and making bread at the same time.

3. Belgium went crazy when they won the football (soccer) game against Algeria !

The king's brother posed with his 3 children as supporters !

The shops and banks had closed at 4 pm, to allow people to watch the game at 6 ! The streets were full of supporters, the cars horned and in several places all over the country huge screens were installed. I preferred to stay home and far from this collective hysteria !

I watched the result on TV in the News ! Fortunately there was only one incident, a young supporter who had climbed on the statue of a building had fallen down and died !

When I had bought my bread making machine, the salesman asked me if I would bake "Diables Rouges" (the Belgian Football team) bread,

and in the cat food I found a little football for the cats ! A shame, they didn't want to play with it.

4. I finally have all documents for my forthcoming holidays to Cornwall, together with Nicole, Ilona and Dominique. Nicole had asked me to come over and see the sample of the color she choose for painting her whole apartment, I found it very nice it's a light warm yellow cream color. We spent the afternoon in the sunshine on her terrace and discussed what we should take along on our holidays.

5. The room where we have our painting class was already put up for a show of Brazilian dancers for the residents of the retirement home. We were allowed to paint, but not to move the tables. It was a lot of fun, as two of us tried to dance !

A sample of the poster I had created came from the printer and looks quite well.

I finally wanted to try out my new bread making machine, put in all the ingredients like it was written, the result after 3 h was catastrophic ! I got a thick slice of bread which was humid inside and uneatable ! I called Ilona for help. She came over to look what I had done wrong and it was Mr. G. the culprit, he made a mistake in calculating  ounces into grams, so there was not enough flour ! I had thought it was the machine ! We tried it out again and this time the result was good ! Tomorrow we will taste it ! One bread will cost then 0.28 € (0.38 $) instead of 2 Euros (2.70 $) for a loaf ! That's worthwhile.

After two trials, here is my first self made bread

and while Ilona helped me with the breadmaker, Mr. G. helped Dominique with her tax declaration !


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Jo said...

The strange thing about men is they are punctual, especially for meals! Your priorities are in place: shoes first and then shopping for food. I thought you might buy a bread maker in the shape of a cat! I've heard of these recipe disasters: glad yours worked out well in the end. That slice looks yummy and wholesome. We get exactly the same cat food "Felix" in tins here in Tz. I'm sure we'll get little footballs in about two years time- Africa is that slow... I love your poster - you are so talented. Since reading about your painting yesterday [again] I unearthed all the tools Grant bought me in SA last June! I will go to friend Amanda to start my classes! Have a WONDERFUL weekend. (((Hugs))) Joxxx

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I love that you are back in the routine after Mr G's trip, but you are planning your next one at the same time. That is only fair ;>).

We are traveling so I have fallen behind on posting and visiting. But I will catch up...thanks to having you and my other favs on Feedly.

Linens and Royals said...

I want a lot of things in my life but never a bread making machine. I will never watch any type of sport.
Charlotte will never understand why Belgian cats get a free football with their cat food and she doesn't.
I won't be going to Cornwall this year or ever again. I am too poor to pay tax. What a misery I am.
Enjoy your bread and holiday in Cornwall.

EastCoastLife said...

Congrats to your national football team!

The bread looks good. Glad you could save money baking your own bread. Now you can save for more trips.

I envy you girls on your travelling together.

Sandra Carlier said...

Hope the next breads will be good!!!
i imagine our brunch with cheese on your tertace in august!!! With the homemade bread!!! Ilona will help you! I am sure!

Anonymous said...

I have never tried a bread machine but I know some people who love them. We would have to find a small one, too, if we ever got one.

Glad you got all your paperwork ready for your trip and that your poster came out so well!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to imagine a place closing early so everyone can watch a game. I think it's a wonderful idea, but it won't happen in America. Glad your bread turned out well.

Susanne said...

Oh yum, I love home baked bread. I'm afraid I would put on the weight big time if I bought a machine. I'd probably keep that thing going day and night.

Wow, it sounds crazy for soccer over in Belgium! That was so sad about the death.

Robyn Lee said...

I used to have a breadmaker but as it's only me, I sold it on eBay. Homemade bread is beautiful and the aroma wafting through the house as it cooks....mmmm mmmm!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina .. well done on preparing for your hubby's return - food an essential! Shoes - oh yes I could do with some of those .. glad you've got some for your coming Cornish trip ..

Bread - love the smell of it and enjoy it occasionally .. sadly it and I don't get on too well.

Thank goodness we're out of the World Cup - so go Belgium or Germany!

So pleased everything's sorted out for your forthcoming journey down to Cornwall .. enjoy it ..

Interesting about your painting - glad you're back doing it ..

Cheers Hilary

diane b said...

You have had a busy week. I just watched Belgium beat Russia, I guess there is pandemonium in your country today now tat they have reached the second round. Your upcoming holiday sounds like it is going to be fun with your friends. You can find plenty of converter sites and apps on the web. I put one on my desk top so it is handy for talking to American friends. It converts all measurements. Have fun making bread and mowing lawns apparently there is a carpet vacuum robot out now too.