1 May 2014


The letter X must be the only letter in the alphabet which represents a whole sense all of its own. For example if you are illiterate you can sign with an x, as you cannot read and write (and therefore should be unable to read what I write) but for the others, they can sign their anonymous letters to naughty neighbors or colleagues just by using an x.

Strangely if you write 3 times an x it means a kiss, at least here because other countries use oxo which is a brand of food products, including stock cubes, herbs and spices, dried gravy, etc and you even can use it as a hot drink. Now what this has to do with a kiss, remains a mystery. Maybe  somebody had an Oxo drink, kissed his partner and later send a mail or text signing with oxo, because he loved it so much ?

I think the first X in my life was when I was taught to multiply and learned that 1 x 1 = 1, while 1 x 2 = 2. Difficult to understand.

Of course when it came to algebra I was completely lost in Xs !

The letter x also means 10 in Roman numbers and if you visit a graveyard the stones are sometimes full of X combined with other letters of the alphabet. In no way it doesn't mean that the birth and death date are unknown, you only have to learn the Roman numbers.

There are very few English words that start with X – the least amount of any letter. Many of the words that do start with X are either standardized trademarks (Xerox), acronyms (XC) and in abbreviations, it can represent  e.g. XMIT for transmit, XFER for transfer, "cross-" e.g. X-ing for crossing, "Christ" e.g. Xmas for Christmas; Xian for Christian), etc.

And if ever you don't know where to put your documents, create an X File !

Be also careful that your Blog is not X rated, as it means that you are publishing dirty things What is considered as X or not depends on the Google censorship and the general knowledge of these people, as sometimes a naked Greek statue can be judged X and your Blog is banned !

The worst for us is the X used in clothing labels. Once you start with an X label, watch your balance, unless it is written SX ! Once you get to XL and more Xs are added, start a diet !

Jenny Matlock
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Andrew said...

X marks the spot on a map where the treasure is buried.

storybeader said...

the first X I was introduced to was also in mathematical formulas. I was never very good at math, and couldn't remember those formulas in algebra! Mom still writes Xs on the bottom of her letters! {:-D

carol l mckenna said...

Wonderfully informative post for X ~ xoxo

artmusedog and carol (A Creative Harbor)

21 Wits said...

This was really fun!

Rocky Mountain Woman said...

very well done!

Unknown said...

A very clever post! X for kisses to you! xx

Unknown said...

X is great... except when it comes to math.

Anonymous said...

What a fun post for the letter X!


Linens and Royals said...

I have used an OXO cube in the days when I cooked. Algebra should be banned, it is just too difficult. I do have documents signed With an X by ancestors who couldn't write. I used to wear XXsmall clothes but I think I have now dropped the XX's. I hope my bog never receives an X rating.
Great post XXX

Betty said...

I really enjoyed your very informative letter X post!

Mara said...

oxo when used by friends and such means hug kiss hug.


Lmkazmierczak said...

Great list of X usages! Have a great week!

Lola said...

Great, creative post for *X*– superb pics!

A pleasure to visit here!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

X-tra good post for this letter which must be a very hard one for the meme participants!

I always learned that xxxxs at the bottom of a letter are kisses and oooos are hugs.

And you are right about the XL size. I should go on a diet as I'm working my way towards that dreaded size.

Susan Anderson said...

My favorite x's are x's and o's because my mom used to always sign her letters and cards to me that way.