10 May 2014


Yesterday we finally had a nice day without rain and in the afternoon the sun came out !

Despite the rather cool temperatures Nicole went swimming in the heated pool, where other courageous were swimming too ! I didn't inspire me at all !

Instead I made a little tour through the reception hall which I hadn't really noticed when we arrived, and discovered even a little space for kids.

In the afternoon we went to Cabourg the next little town, which is very beautiful. We did a long walk along the beach admired the architecture of the houses.

I entered the "Grand Hotel" and have to say it was really grand !

I had noticed that each town has its own Casino.This was the one of Cabourg. Of course I only could see the entrance and the restaurant, not the games.

We returned to Dives sur mer  to the place where William the conqueror launched the Norman conquest of England in 1066. We met the responsible of the site who was very pleased to explain to us the whole history. I think he was a little offended when Nicole told him that it is a shame that the buildings are so neglected and I added that on the other side in England it was not at all the case.

After a nice drink we returned home, and went to the same restaurant we had been on our first day, and I  ate mussels with chips, which was excellent.

We will leave on Monday and return home. I don't think that I ever will come back here, the weather is just too bad  and with its neglected patrimony it's rather depressive. I prefer by far England on the other side of the channel !


Sandra Carlier said...

Sounds you prefer the other side of the coast! But the pics are beautiful.
Have a nice sunday with Nicole and Charlie!!!

Linens and Royals said...

Shame about the weather but you did get a bit of 'Grand' at the hotel.

Annesphamily said...

We may get more snow so I wish it would just rain! Your photos are always wonderful that you share. always a pleasure to visit you here. Happy Mother;s Day to all!

Fun60 said...

So the sun finally came out to shine on you albeit a little late. I hope England lives up to your expectations when you cross the channel again.

A Lady's Life said...

Nice buildings though
Here its Mothers Day so I wish you
a Happy Day.

Loree said...

It's a pity that it's not well looked after.