9 May 2014


As I have written every day since I am in Normandy, my Friday's Fave Five are in the posts below !

Unfortunately today it was raining the whole day ! It didn't clear up a bit. We spent the morning home it was cold outside.

Charlie now when I wake up comes at my bedside and greats me by waving his tail, as if he hadn't seen me for ages. Then he watches my Yoga exercises wondering probably about my strange behavior !

After lunch, rain or not we decided to drive through little villages on the "Cider Road".

The Cider road maybe nice in summer or at least when the sun shines, but here we drove through woods and wet fields on narrow streets and saw strictly nothing. Finally we arrived in a village which had the animation of a cemetary ! Not one single soul in sight, not even one cat or a dog. The three shops we saw were closed, the church too and there was nothing at all in the house where a pottery exhibition should have been. There was only an empty room. At least the bull statue offered me a place to sit ! We returned to the car and stopped in  Cabourg a historical place, where the battles were prepared against England in 1000 something. .

Today was a holiday in France, they celebrated the end of WWII. I think it is the only country in Europe who still celebrates the end of WWII with a day off. Therefore there was a fancy fair in Cabourg and the town was packed with people. It had stopped raining and we walked along the main street. Just when it started raining again, we were sitting on the heated terrace of an Irish Pub and watched the people all in raincoats with umbrellas. The street emptied in no time and we waited there that the rain stopped. The houses and the whole city seemed to be very nice and there were lots of shops which were all open.

We decided to come back here on another day when it wouldn't rain (hopefully) and really visit the town.
Wet like cats and feeling cold we returned home and spent the rest of the day in our warm cosy appartment.  Even Charlie whom we hadn't taken with us because of the heavy rain, only went out reluctantly for his business. Fortunately he found a girlfriend and played a little but then he barked so that we opened the door for him. Now he is exhausted from sleeping the whole day ! I think he must have been a cat in his former life !

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A Lady's Life said...

lol rain rain go away come again another day. lol
Glad you are enjoying.

Willow said...

OH Wow! You are vacationing in a beautiful place! It's too bad there has been so much rain, but it doesn't seem to slow you down any. Love your photos!

Fun60 said...

Love the matching hat and shoes. Always the fashion icon! How disappointing to have so much rain and when you are wet it is so hard to warm up again.

Linens and Royals said...

Sitting in an Irish pub with all that rain you should have been in the real Ireland.
All the villages still look pretty in the rain.

Friko said...

That’s the problem with Normandy, it rains as much as in other North European countries.

Still, you seem to have had some fun at least.

Little Wandering Wren said...

Hoping Charlie is helping you perfect your downwards dog? ;) Fingers crossed the weather is brighter for you for exploring on the weekend.
Wren x

Anonymous said...

In Italy we celebrate the Libération Day (end of war ) the 25th of April and it's National Holiday.

Anonymous said...

Hope it clears up so you can do more there. It looks like there are a lot of fun things to do there.

Sandra Carlier said...

Luckely you have a nice apart and can relax after driving around under the rain!