24 Mar 2014


This weekend was also the last days of my sunshine cure in Djerba. While I was busy with my computer

a group of dancers arrived and changed into their costumes. I was discreet enough not to take pictures while they were undressed. I was even surprised that they didn't even hide or ask me to go away. One woman had such a big belly that I could have sworn she was pregnant, but she wasn't. Her belly was enormous. One of the men had to hold the long scarf she draped around or rather under her belly and he had to pull hard until she finally got into the dress. What did we laugh, the girl from the animation team (in pink in the background) and I.

After supper the show began with a wedding ceremony.

The "girls" danced with baskets, can't tell you why, from where I was with this loud music I could hardly understand the guy who explained in a mixture of French and German the whole ceremony to the guests.

Then one danced with a jar on her head and another one a wedding dance.

To end the show there was the traditional belly dance. Before all guests stormed the bar and started to dance too, I escaped to my room and continued to read my book.

The next day I said good bye to my girls who had been such a nice company for me and from whom I learned so much about the life on Djerba. I haven't seen many women wearing scarfs, only the once who  cleaned the rooms or outside, but this was more to protect themselves from the dust and sunshine, as our grandmas did when they worked on the fields and not for religious purposes. The female employes of the hotel were dressed in suits and looked very elegant.

I took a last picture of the hotel and the swimming pool where I had spent so many hours and head read two books !

I also fed my little friend for the last time, with sausage slices and turkey, he was such a sweet cat, his half bitten off tail had healed and the wound on his back looked much better. I was not the only one who fed him !

On Sunday morning I had to get up at 3.30 am ! The hotel had even prepared a breakfast for us but I couldn't eat anything so early and just had coffee. The bus made a tour to other hotels and picked up other guests and we arrived finally at the airport at 6.30 am. To get us out of Tunisia it went very quick, not like when we came in. They hardly checked the luggage and had a glance on our passports and we went through.

As the flight was only at 7.30 am, I had time to look a bit into the tax free shops. But there was nothing special to  buy, it only looked very colorful.

In the airplane it was freezing cold  and we all kept our coats on !  I finally asked if they couldn't turn on the heating a little more and after a while the temperature was better. The flight was smooth and we even arrived half an hour earlier.

Mr. G. was waiting for me and told me everything what had happened meanwhile, most of it was concerning our cats !  I think he had good holidays too.

The rest of the day I was feeling a little upside down and didn't even unpack my suitcase. It's such a difference being back in this grey and cold weather.


Jo said...

The girl who did the belly dance, has a lovely figure. And she move her booty as well! I've been on a two-hour flight here in EA where the aircon was up SO high I almost froze. I'd left my pashmina in my suitcase so had to bear it. I LOVE the cat - he's obviously not a fighter and tries to run away, that's why he has bite wounds on his back and tail. He looks so gentle. Have a great day back home. Jo

diane b said...

I must catch up with your posts. I have been out of action with computer problems. Hope you had a good rest.

Loree said...

Poor little cat. I hope that someone continues to feed him.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Bummer to be back in the gray and cold. I remember that when we would go on Spring Break trips to the Caribbean and then have to come back to rainy gray Oregon. It's still worth it though isn't it!! (Except now we have a permanent vacation where it is mostly sunny. Although today it is raining.)

Linens and Royals said...

I always enjoy your holidays. Loved the belly dancing and am pleased others feed the cat too.

Fun60 said...

You'll have to keep looking back over your photos to keep reminding yourself how warm and relaxing it was in Tunisia or maybe take up belly-dancing!

Friko said...

How did the lady with the big belly manage to dance?
Are you glad you left the cold and wet behind for such a nice holiday?

peppylady (Dora) said...

If I took up belly dancing I would loose this fat.
Anyhow I would have to do it in private.
No need of scaring anyone.

Coffee is on

Sandra Carlier said...

What a marvelous week you had! And a lot of joy with all the animations! I would do the same with my suitcase!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

how long did she have the jar on hr head?