20 Dec 2013


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1. After Aqua Gym, we celebrated Christmas a little, but nobody had thought of bringing a bottle of bubble wine, so we did it like old ladies with tea ! Nonetheless  we had a lot of fun !

2. I still had some bits and pieces to buy for Christmas, so I went to my favorite Indian shop !

I like to walk through and admire all these beautiful things they sell in favor of an Indian region to support schools, orphanages and street children. All sale benefits are for them. Not only you can find very original little gifts but you help the children at the same time. And then a miracle happened Mr. G. suddenly became curious about this shop and went with me the next day, to choose my Christmas gift !

I think that was the first time since at least 6 years he went with me out for shopping !

3. My son sent me the last pictures of grandson Toby which he had taken on St. Nicolas which is very much celebrated in the Netherlands. Even more then Christmas.

Toby with St. Nick at Kindergarten, where St. Nick brought gifts in a big bag

He also came to his home, where he celebrated with Mum and Dad, and Toby also helped Daddy to decorate the Christmas tree, which they had chosen together

My son is a professional photographer and his little son is his favorite model ! It's so nice to get all these pictures, because it allows us to participate a little in his daily life. Now when I receive photos from Toby it seems to me as if I had seen this face long time ago and then I realize, that we have almost the same face (especially when he is angry) when I was his age from what I can see on the few pictures I have which my father had taken in 1946.

And from all these photos I like this one the most !


Dominique popped in to see our Christmas decoration and also to give  back her key, fortunately we always have her spare key, because it happens quiet often that she forgot her keys inside ! And while we chatted about her grandchildren another neighbor also arrived, she asked us to take care of her cat during their holidays in France.

5. In our painting group we also celebrated Christmas and I think after a couple of bottles of bubble wine, some paintings turned into modern art ! A classmate and I had brought cakes, but it was too much and I returned home with my Panettone the traditional Italian Christmas cake.

Mr. G. was delighted !


Linens and Royals said...

I think to have the most fun at Christmas you must have a child of Toby's age. The photos of him are lovely. My grandson is 22 today.
I could buy panettone here but not sure anyone would eat it. I have almost finished my shopping, I was out early today as the temp. is very hot, over 40degc so I needed to park under cover.

Andrew said...

Where does L&R live that it was 40 degrees? Ah, Australia, of course.

Great photos. Wine and art go very well together.

Ercotravels said...

Cute kid!
Have a great weekend and happy Christmas..

Susanne said...

Sweet pictures of your grandson! Love watching Christmas through the eyes of children!

I think my hubby would be happy too if I brought home a Panettone. We used to have a couple of Italian sisters who lived in our basement suite and their mom would make us one each Christmas that they lived there.

Merry Christmas to you and your family, Gattina!

diane b said...

Toby sure does have your genes. He looks like he had fun at kindergarten with St Nick. he went shopping with you....things are looking up.

Sandra Carlier said...

I miss Mala India and it's peacefull atmosphere! What great collages you create! Your little grand son is so cute!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Merry Christmas Gattina to you and Mr G and your kids and adorable Toby too. And Happy New Year.... I'm taking a little break until after the New Year. Look forward to seeing you then.

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures of Toby! And how neat that you got to bring some goodies home!

Maribeth said...

I can't believe how Toby has grown! Wonderful pictures!

Willow said...

Cute photos of your grandson! You are lucky to have a professional to take all his photos.
Love your little Christmas card at the bottom.
Merry Christmas!