23 Dec 2013


I thought I had everything for the Christmas suppers, but as usual I had forgotten something ! The cheese for the Pierrade we have  on Christmas Eve. It was so cold and stormy that I didn't stay long and returned quickly home !

The whole afternoon I spent with working for Santa Claus, I wrapped all gifts he should put in the stockings or under the tree. He should think about bringing wrapped gifts ! I had created little labels with our faces on, so that also Toby can "read" whose packet is for whom. Then I hid the laundry basket in Mr. G's room. As Santa is supposed to come through our chimney I also cleaned the open fire, so that he doesn't get too dirty. After that I pushed a big sigh of relief and spent the rest of the afternoon with sending Christmas greetings per email. Last year I had written two by snail mail, one for the State
s and one for another country far away and they arrived "already" end February. I should have included the Easter bunny at the same time ! That was a real slow snail !

Our neighbors went on holidays and we are in charge to feed the cat. He is a purely outside cat and lives in a spacious doghouse. But as it had rained so much he was wet and therefore the blankets in his house were wet too, so I took dry once I had laying around and replaced them It breaks my heart to know him outside, in this awful weather but that is his way of life. He only stays inside a couple of hours when my neighbors are there in the evening, but then he wants his freedom again.

I wanted to make my little walk on the market, but it was so rainy and the wind blow that I feared I would land on a vegetable stall, and decided to stay home. I don't remember what I did, but suddenly it was supper time and besides chatting with Dominique on the phone and "working" on the computer the day suddenly was  over.


  1. I am almost ready to swap cold and stormy for the hot and humid we have here.
    Pierrade sounds interesting and different.
    Strange to think that some cats prefer outdoors in all kinds of weather, he is lucky he has you to provide dry blankets.

  2. Labelling the presents with photos is a great idea. R just told me he and Little Jo once made a food shopping list by her drawing pictures.

  3. I hope the dog doesn't mind having a cat staying in his house. Why not get the neighbour to buy the cat a raincoat when they return. That might solve the problem.

    Joyeux Noël à tout le monde.

  4. Wet cat sounds a bit sad and smelly. You are kind to it. Time flies the older I get.

  5. Have a Merry Christmas Gattina!!
    And give Mr G A big hug from Canada.

  6. Everyone seems to be really busy but it's worth it. Merry Christmas.


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