3 Jun 2013


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When I compare this weekend to the one of last week, I wonder how many things you can do in one day !
Last weekend I walked around Edinburgh, saw the Braveheart monument, the Scottish highlands, Loch Ness and a Whisky distillery !!

This weekend I tried to put all my pictures into the corresponding files with dates and names, and was looking for a whole day which I couldn't find and finally found it misfiled ! Of course. This kept me quiet busy on Saturday. But I also did some little shopping, we ran out of bread and cheese,

Then I mowed the lawn, in fact cat Arthur supervised while I was watching TV and washed the dishes, no, that's a lie, the dishwasher did it ! How nice to live in modern times !

Mr. G. suddenly got an energy attack, and moved the TV in his room to our guest room, and then he screwed and put in the board of the shelf again. While a few years ago he would have done this kneeling, now he sits on a chair ! He got a little rusty !

On Sunday morning the sun was shining but still unusually cold for the season. People are still wearing winter clothes ! I went to the market to meet my cigarette supplier, for mostly Mr. G's consumption (yes he knows that it is bad) and then I saw apricots and peaches for such a cheap price that I bought

this shopping carrier ! At least it looks fancy and not like the old women thing in black or Scottish pattern which they carry around. So it was easy for me to pull the thing til the bus station. I got some compliments from other ladies who found my shopping bag so nice and cheerful.

I also bought some plants for our garden, which is rather late in blooming, it still looks as if spring had just begun ! I wonder if we will ever have one or directly switch into summer or maybe into winter right away.

Then I continued with my photos and now I have almost finished.


Fun60 said...

Quite a contrast between the two weekends.

Fun60 said...

Quite a contrast between the two weekends.

Linens and Royals said...

I like the shopping bag, the colours look very 1970's.
Does Arthur have to supervise the dishwasher too?

A Lady's Life said...

Well you still managed to keep busy lol

Maribeth said...

Oh I like your shopping bag. That is perfect. When I lived in Germany I had only a hand basket and my arms would ache if I bought too much!

soulbrush said...

Am sure you had a wonderful time here in the UK. Even having some Summer this week- yay!