9 Apr 2013


On Sunday morning I thought I woke up in the wrong country ! The sky was ink blue !!

I took the opportunity and went to the biggest market in Brussels  with around 400 stalls !

Here the tube comes out from the underground and continues as tram on the surface

You can see the headquarters of Tintin and Snowy (original name Tintin and Milou) created by the Belgian artist Hergé.

People were gathered around a guy who explained the perfect cleaning with a special brush ! I would have rather chosen the guy to clean my floors instead of the brush, that's still "Do it yourself " !

Despite the rather cool temperature of only 11° (51 F) people were sitting outside on the terrace

There were also many tourists on the market

you can buy almost everything here

Even family friendly underwear, I wouldn't dare to show the other female underwear, Blogger would ban my blog !

New fashion for spring and summer

and also fabrics, towels and household appliances !

On my way back I saw people sitting in the little square around the "Porte de Hal" the remains of the Brussels'town wall.

and for the first time this year I saw some snowdrops !


Andrew said...

The people seem quite fascinated by brush man. I am with you. Get someone else to do it.

Jo said...

OMW, that blue sky is BRILLIANT! (Excuse the pun) Glad you had this clear day and a nice market to visit. I love the Tintin and Snowy headquarters. Mmm, I don't want to do-it-myself either and fortunately I have dear Pendo and Regina to help me out daily! I wish I was there for some of those beautiful spring clothes. (I'd give a wide berth to those "bloomers" as our old school nurse used to call them. I hope this weather is the first of many this season. Jo

eastcoastlife said...

Clear blue skies and a cool climate. That's what I wished for now.

I would grab some grilled nuts a lovely bouquet of flowers at the market.

Fun60 said...

At last the blue skies have arrived. We've had a couple of great days here but the grey and rain have now returned!

Linens and Royals said...

With all the other more interesting goods on sale I don't know why the man with the mop had such a crowd.
I love fabric and the colours are so pretty.
As for the underwear-I buy mine at Kmart-boring. My underwear I mean, not your blog post.

Marja said...

oh I love markets. How great all these colours Love that building "Porte de Hal" it looks like a little castle. great pictures

Cezar and Léia said...

Happiness to our hearts! What a fabulous perfect blue sky!
Thanks for sharing these gorgeous images!

Dianne said...

so much to see
so much to buy

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Great way to celebrate your first nice day for a while! I love markets; this one looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

How fabulous to see those blue skies and such a great market too.

Barb said...

Looks like there is something for everyone! A colorful place to take wonderful photos.