25 Feb 2013


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Mr. G. has hearing problems. That wouldn't be a problem for me if he would wear his hearing aids when he switches on the TV. Each day it is the same story, we quarrel, because it is so loud for me that I think my neighbor on the other side of the street would also hear the News ! I don't want to start my day with hearing bombs and gun fires, screaming "Allah agbar" and other noises related to catastrophes, when I am sitting peacefully at my computer and write only because he doesn't want to wear these things. In his opinion he doesn't need them, and when he wears them he complains that everything is so loud. This is the logic of a man. 

A friend of my painting course has exactly the same problem, and solved it by buying a headset for her husband. Now he hears without disturbing the whole house and she can hear normally. The next day I bought a headset ! Saturday started with a Mr. G. who in his Italian way tried to fix the headset to the TV. After many Italian %µ&@" it finally worked, but not as we wanted, because with the headset on his ears he could hear perfectly but I didn't hear anything. The sound was cut off. He brought it back and bought another one, this time with explaining what we needed.

and here it is the savior of our marriage ! At least it should be, because the thing now, even loaded still doesn't work which puts Mr. G. in a very upset mood ! 

On Sunday morning when I opened the shutters I had this view ! I jumped back, forgot that I am supposed to be a Lady and pronounced a very bad word !  Does this snow last forever this year ??

Nonetheless, I had to go to the market in Brussels, because I had to meet my cigarette dealer supplier, to save more then half of the amount I would have to pay normally. My household budget appreciates.And I also wanted to escape the house while Mr. G. tried again to fix the headset.

Despite the snow the bus arrived in time and I had a nice view on the snowy landscape. I had completely forgotten how ugly a big city looks in dirty snow, only the green squares and parks were nice to see.

I had never seen the Brussels midi market so empty ! There were not even half of the stalls which are usually there. Fortunately I had nothing to buy, but found grapes for 2 Euros for 1 kg. That was more then a good price. Then I went over to the café where I usually meet my cigarette man. He was not there yet. But 6 women were standing  on the terrace singing chants in Spanish and reading out of a bible. I thought this market is really full of surprises.

I entered the café where he usually comes in and ordered a coffee. When I turned around I saw 4 policemen sitting at the neighbor table enjoying a glass of beer ! Goodness me,  I thought, he can't come with all this police around ! I wanted to ask them when they would leave, but refrained of doing it. I emptied my coffee and went outside. What did I see ? my cigarette man, chatting with other clients. He made me a sign to go to the terrace of the next café what I did and I bought the cigarettes just under the nose of two policemen standing outside.  I took my bag, made myself taller then I am already, put on my posh face and past ladylike the two policemen. Of course with all the drug dealers they have to handle, there is no time for cigarette smugglers. It made me laugh and I returned to the bus stop and went home. It was still snowing !

Mr. G. shook his head in despair, but only formally, he knows his adventures loving wife. And then they are mostly for him ! As long as I don't steal underwear in shops it's OK.

He spent the rest of the day with the handset and I hid in my room ! 


Linens and Royals said...

Lucky for you the Brussels police are too busy looking for diamonds to worry about cigarette smugglers or your next post might be from prison.
We've had bushfires, now it's rain, floods, heat and humidity. I LOVE your snow pictures.

Cezar and Léia said...

wow impressive winter indeed, you got more snow there than here. Anyway it's still white outside today and I'm so tired about this winter! :(
Hugs and a nice week
stay warm!

Maribeth said...

People actually come to New Hampshire for our cheap cigarette prices! Alcohol too. We are the State of sin! lol

jabblog said...

It keeps trying to snow here but without much success. I'm glad it didn't prevent your vital journey;-)

Friko said...

Gattina, Gattina, smuggled cigarettes! How very naughty of you.

I gave up smoking many years ago and not only because I couldn’t afford them anymore but also because they made me cough too much.

I am almost sorry now, because I don’t have an adventurous life life you getting contraband!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh you are funny. lol
Here people go to Indian reservations to buy cheaper cigarettes. But I like it that most people don't smoke anymore.
It is so much nicer.Thats why I don't understand the pot thing. You are inhaling and it stinks to high heaven even worse than cigarettes.
We went shopping . I went for a few things and came home with a big load.
Today I will make duck.
My Dad always liked his TV loud as well. He was deaf in one ear.
The kids well I think they will all be deaf because they listen in head sets tht are set on LOUD!!!
So loud that I can here it.
That's way too loud. But you can;t talk to young people. They know everything. lol