1 Mar 2013


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1. The wireless headset I had bought for Mr. G. caused some difficulties to connect to the TV, although it seemed to be so simple. But apparently our TV had special connection holes which were hidden behind so with the help of the store Mr. G. finally managed to install it.

Now peace moved in and I can listen to a normal sound volume and he can adjust it as loud as he wants to, without disturbing me. Now he complains that he can hear himself eating his cheese ! Men ...

2. To my great grief it had snowed again ! I am so fed up of this white landscape ! I want to see green and flowers blooming !

Driving to my aqua gym was a little slippery, but the view on the house was beautiful, although I didn't like to admit it.

3. Our cat Kim must have been a sheep in her former life because she has an amazing "wool" production.

I had taken her to the groomer just before Christmas, and then we noticed that she was full of knots again. Isn't that amazing what a mountain of hairs came out of her fur after this short time ? We are not allowed to groom her, she runs away, but at the groomer she is the best cat of the world and purrs. Only to put her in the carrier is a huge work, which leaves us red faced and breathless !

4. What can you do in this bad and humid weather ? Going shopping ? I don't like that. But I like to walk around in the Charity shop and look what is on offer. I came back with two wooden puzzles for 2 year old Toby and a little racing car and also found a very nice book about how to learn to draw and paint for my friend Chantal's birthday tomorrow.


Three  of my classmates celebrated their birthdays and brought cakes and champagne along. There were 4 different cakes and they were very good ! On the top left, my teacher and Chantal cut the birthday cakes. I also started a new painting with you can see it's the blue cat head.

We had an animated big discussion about the Pope ! Everybody was angry that wherever you went you heard the pope or in TV or in the radio the whole day. We all had an overdose. Belgium is a catholic country. On top we found it very commercial and certainly not in a Christian spirit, there was no modesty but pageantry and a great business show, imagine that you had to pay an expensive entrance fee to attend the mass hold by the pope !  Which means that he only is available for the rich and not for the poors. The Vatican is getting more and more rich while people are starving in our world !


diane b said...

A Great post. I love those earphones for the men. The snow looks pretty but I can understand getting sick of it just like we are sick of rain. That is a big pile of cat hair, funny how it sits there without a fight but not for you. The art class looks fun especially on birthdays.

Cezar and Léia said...

Seriously,I'm impressed with the "wool production"of Kim! wow
Nice picture of Mr. G and Pookie, they enjoy TV together, so sweet!I thought I could see Arthur there!
hmmm that pie looks delicious, glad that you enjoy it!ahh and Happy Birthday to your friend Chantal!
hugs and enjoy the weekend,
*** and thanks so much for your kind email! :)

Mara said...

I have heard about people knitting bags made of cat and doghair. Could be a nice idea??

Loree said...

That red cake looks delicious. LOL Mr G can hear himself eat cheese. That is hilarious.

Janet said...

I'm definitely with you on #2. It's doing my heart good to visit the other FFF posts and see flower pictures!

Heather said...

So glad the headset was able to work for him! :)

Snow pictures are gorgeous,but I imagine it does get old. Praying for Spring soon!

The pie looks yummy! Glad you had a good time celebrating with your classmates.

I feel the same about the Catholic Church,it's sad.

A Lady's Life said...

I have agree with you.Gatiina. All the wrong people are entering Gods' house today.
The issues are not about God and his message although Ouellette from Quebec still stands by the book and they are considering him to become the next Pope.
If you want to destroy something then the best way is from the inside out.and this is what they are doing.
God is not about money and the church I went to consisted of humble monks. We never heard politics there and Gods' house was never used for entertainment except to put up a trre for the children at Christmas and and easter dinner with the priests which they bless. Christianity is abused today because they turned a calling into a job.

Susanne said...

Mr. G's comment cracked me right up. LOL. Hubby loves his headphones, it means he doesn't hear me nagging at him constantly to turn it down. LOL.

Snow again for you! You have had a lot this year haven't you? We've got warm dry weather today but our spring usually brings wet spring snow sometimes to the end of April.

Linens and Royals said...

Now the world is Popeless it's a good thing we still have the Queen in London or we would all be totally out of control.
I love that big ball of fur named Kim, you can only see it's really a cat because of the big green eyes.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Those earphones are an inexpensive way to save a marriage ;>))))!

I read that many are saying that they should choose a person who would run the Vatican like a big business executive would. That pretty much tells it all doesn't it?

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad the earphones are helping out!

The birthday parties look fun, and you got some good things at the shop.

Friko said...

Good things and bad things and things inbetween, just like life.
I didn’t know about the Vatican charging to attend a mass. Modern times, eh?

SandyCarlson said...

I can relate to those difficulties with the headphones. My parents are always bumping into the exception to the rule when it comes to their electronics. Crazy!

Claudie said...

Nice to read your blog! I was very busy those days as we painted la montée des escaliers et le couloir du haut in white! What a lady this KIM!!! she looks like a princess who like the best toilett!!! Already two years old!!! Tobby has one year before going at school still! Spring is here! When I look the snow on your pics sounds I am on an other planet! I staid a little in front of the house in the garden today but I had so much work helping Mélissa to prepare his candidature for the art therapy school in Tours and Lyon!!! And now I prepare the journey for y pupils tomorrow! Holiday comes at end! Snif!