4 Mar 2013


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I did some shopping for my painting class, bought brushes and colors and as this store has a lot of other things too, I finally came out with some cosmetic stuff and a mug and a little bowl with "cars" on it for grandson Toby.

In the afternoon we had the visit of our young friend (he  is only 2 years older then our son) I always say that he is my "adoptive" son, he helps me out when I have a problem and I help him out when he has a problem especially with girlfriends. So both of us have the view of two generations. That's really nice. Mr. G. met him at least 8 years ago when they both took English classes. 

In the evening I went with Dominique and Nicole to the theatre in the little old town not far from Waterloo. I love this place because the theatre is in an old barn belonging to a farm, which has been transformed to a restaurant.

Before the play we had a nice light supper, I always take a steak tartare with chips and salad, because it's really very good there.

The play was a comedy "The parasite" and really very funny. We laughed a lot ! It was the story of a young man who tried to charm an elderly couple, who then payed everything for him and he tried to conquer the wife but he did it in such a discrete way, which made the play so funny. The husband didn't realize anything and payed for everything the young man wanted.

Despite the bad weather forecast it should be cold, grey and cloudy, the sun came out and I was happy that once again the weatherman was wrong !

As I drink quiet a lot of coffee or tea when I am sitting behind my computer, the mug becomes quickly cold because I forget to drink while I am typing.

I found the solution in the small cabinet where I keep gifts I buy during the year, and I found a mug warmer which you can connect with an USB key to your computer. That's great, now my coffee stays warm, I only regret that I didn't think of it earlier to use it for myself !

It had had been a long time I wasn't on the Waterloo market, due to the bad weather. Most of the stalls  hadn't been there either.

To do a little walk I went there and was happy to see the first flowers for the gardens ! The roasted chickens smelled wonderful and the freshly baked bread looked very appetizing.

I also bought a new round table cloth. These are real practical once. They look like a normal fabric table close but they aren't. They are like plastic table clothes, that means you can spill wine or coffee on them but it doesn't sink in. (see the water). You just have to take a sponge and clean it up. That's very practical especially when you have guests because red wine stains are difficult to wash out.

When I came home, I missed my mobile ! So I rang my number and listened in the whole house, but I couldn't hear any ringing. Suddenly somebody answered, I was so surprised that I looked at the phone as if I could see the person who had answered ! It was Mr. G. "What are you doing with my phone" ? I asked when I recognized his voice. It turned out that I had lost my mobile on the market, a man had found it, called the last number which was Mr. G's and asked him to come to a café near the church to pick it up !
Was I lucky ! It must have fallen out of my purse.


MaR said...

What a busy weekend!! Steak tartare is one of husband's favorites, in fact that's what he had on our last evening out before driving home. I don't think I will ever taste it, though!
I drink my coffee/tea very quickly, so no need for that clever mug warmer, great invention! Great table cloth, too! I have burgundy table cloths and place mats to deal with the wine stains :)
Happy week ahead

Cezar and Léia said...

Lucky you, so nice busy weekend! :)

Maribeth said...

So glad that your phone was located! Once I dropped mine in the snow. I raced back to where I had stopped, and there it was! I was relieved that a snow plow had not gone by and crushed it!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh Gattina you were lucky to have found your phone. lol
I love nice plastic table cloths.
I had one which looked like lace and I was sad when someone made a hole in it.
Toby keep his Gramma busy I see enjoying herself.
I look art art supplies but they are becoming more and more expensive so I get a few things and wait till next month to get the rest in the mean time I buy more threat to satisfy my nightly urges.

Mara said...

That's funny about your phone! Happy you got it back though. It might have been lost forever with you paying for calls to wherever!

Loree said...

Glad you didn't lose your phone because that is always a nuisance.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

A great weekend Gattina! And Oh you were lucky to get your phone back...! (I bet Mr G is still teasing you about losing it!). The mug warmer is a good idea...I do the same thing as you, while I'm on the computer and then I toss out so many cold half cups of coffee.