14 Jan 2013


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I think I woke up from my lethargy, because on Saturday suddenly I wanted to make a little tour outside. I had been told that two new shops had opened in Waterloo, one which only sells stuff from brand stocks of all kinds, from the cooking pot over washing powder to decorations and toys. The prices were unbelievable cheap, but I didn't buy anything for the simple reason that I had forgotten my money at home ! So I will go back there when I need something. It was just a check. The second shop was less interesting to me they sold antiques, and mostly from the Congo ! Ferocious masks, which could give you nightmares and other African antiques. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the masks ! I have to go back for this purpose !  I met a friend who had the same idea to check on these new shops, but it was too late to have a coffee together so we both went home. It also was bitter cold and windy.

The afternoon went by with some blogging and in the evening we watched our favorite Inspector Barnaby in his Midsomer murders. The average of 3 corpses per movie was respected. Very much to Mr. G's satisfaction. He does the calculations.

When I shut the rolling shutters, I noticed that it had started to snow !

On Sunday morning first thing was I opened one shutter just to see if the world had turned white, and yes it had ! 

My first snow this year ! But apparently it had also snowed a bit in November, when I was laying in the sun in Egypt ! This is what I saw looking out of my window and the entrance !

In the afternoon Nicole had invited Ilona and me for tea time !

From out of her windows it looked real cold

but inside it was so cosy in front of the open fire, with the two dogs. Charly the Golden Retriever belongs to Nicole, the little one is her daughters dog who is on holidays.

Nicole served us tea in black teapots. After a while Ilona asked for cups ! And then we laughed and laughed when we discovered that the tea pot was sitting on the cup ! We had never seen that. I found it real original and nice ! It also keeps your tea warm if you put the pot back on the cup !

With that we had some cookies and a cake, and I loved her tissue box in form of a bed with a sleeping couple ! So cute.

We spent a real nice afternoon, with lots of chatting and laughter of course. When we returned home it started snowing again.


diane b said...

At least you can catch up on blogging when it isn't nice outside. The tea pots were very original. Its nice to be able to share an afternoon with friends.

Mara said...

I have a Christmas teapot for one which is just like that one. I took it out this year and would have used it as well, but my sister was here too and I only have one of those teapots. I will need to find another!

Maribeth said...

We have 4 degrees (C) today! And our snow is melting!!! Yay!!! I want winter to go away and have a nice early spring.

A Lady's Life said...

That sounds like a fun time I like the idea of the pot over the cup.
It does make room for other things on the tray.
All I've been doing is nursing my back. I have to be very careful or it will hurt again.
And yes. We had a snow sprinkling as well this morning. :)

Loree said...

It looks like you had a cosy weekend even if it was snowing outside.

Lynette said...

Now that is cold! I guess I won't complain about our low temps., we've been down into the 20's. Cute tissue box!