7 Sep 2012


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1.Now that we should go towards autumn, the summer showed its nose which it hadn't done when it should ! When I saw the sunshine in the morning, I thought I should go swimming, which I did although the roof of the pool was closed because the temperature was not high enough yet. But we were only 4 people in the whole huge pool, because school had started and no children classes went swimming this day ! What a chance !

I opened my "outside" office again and "worked" there with my assistant Rosie

2. Again in holiday mood (after all we are retired and are on holidays the whole year) I went with Dominique and Nicole swimming and we had a lot of fun with the 3 young pool attendants who wanted absolutely to make me dive ! I hate water in my face and swim like a girafe if girafes would swim with my head and neck  as far as possible out of the water !

After swimming we went to a little greek restaurant where we had an enormous "Gyros" plate  which we could hardly finish and went then to Nicole and had an ice cream and coffee on her huge deck. We had to open the umbrella again, which she already had prepared for winter !

3. Acqua gym classes have started again, so I went, but from my usual classmates there were nobody, probably next week.

4. I made a new header for my travel blog using the pictures of this year's trips and holidays.

5. I met Ilona at her mother's as she lives here in Waterloo and always loves the company of us 69 year old young girls, as she is 88. She had prepared coffee and biscuits for us and then we talked about all kind of things. She is a person who lives in the present and looks into the future and doesn't talk all the time about "her time" whatever that is or was. Of course we all complained about the increasing prices and especially the property taxes which in Waterloo are amongst the highest in whole Belgium. But we also had to admit that the city does a lot for seniors, lots of activities such as visits to Theatres, Expositions etc with transport included, Yoga, painting and Boccia, groups for playing cards together, or even "Conversation" tables to learn to speak English, German or Italian and many other things for free or just a very small participation. There are also city trips to other countries to very reduced prices. All this costs money and money comes from our taxes ! So we shouldn't complain too much. She also gave me a beautiful Hibiscus plant, which apparently will bloom soon and has orange flowers. We spent a very nice afternoon together !


Kathie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally have a bit of summer - I hope it lasts and you enjoy every minute of it!

Your city really has a lot for seniors - you would never be bored.

Enjoy your Hibiscus!

Mara said...

That food looks so yummy! I am getting hungry now!

Cezar and Léia said...

Coffee, biscuits and chat with lovely friends...ahhh this is great indeed!
Hmmm and that meal looks delicious!
Enjoy your weekend dear Gattina,

Hope said...

I love the idea of an outdoor office! I often use my screened-in porch as an office. I love your kitty : ) Belgium sounds beautiful. Glad you had such a fun week with great sunshine.

Barbara H. said...

It is not quite feeling like autumn here -- hopefully it will in a few weeks.

I haven't been to a pool in ages, but if I went I'd like having only a few people there.

Love the outdoor office! It's a little too buggy out now here with mosquitoes and bees, but hopefully when the weather cools off they won't be such a problem.

Kari said...

what a wonderful week you've had. food and friends and coffee.....that's always a wonderful combination.

I think it's great that you have all those things available to the seniors.

would love to see your hibiscus. I love those flowers.

A Lady's Life said...

I love hibiscus plants and swimming is one of my favorite things.
I don't know if I would want my taxes paying for these things though as I like to choose where I go and our club here charges 30 dollars for a month. If I dont want to go I dont have to pay
I can go and spend my money elsewhere

Maribeth said...

Oh I love Gyros so much! My favorite and you cannot get a good plate here in the USA, as the government doesn't allow cooking on a spit! Silly men!

Friko said...

A very pleasant day; I see you had lots of food on offer again wherever you went. Good that you also had the swimming exercise.

Susanne said...

Your description of swimming like a giraffe cracked me right up. My husband's wondering what I'm giggling about on the computer.

Lovely outdoor office with a sweet assistant. I love that tablecloth!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Those conversation tables sound like a fun way to learn a language! I had to laugh at your swimming description. Have a great week ahead!