24 Aug 2012


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1. I went swimming again, and had a "fight" with a bald human elephant in his late 50th, the line which is reserved for acqua gym and people who swim peacefully up and down the line, he used as a training line for the Olympics and splashed and kicked everybody. When he kicked me hard for the second time in my arm, after having told him politely to please pay attention to the others and I got the second kick, I told him that if he wanted to play a human walrus and splash around and kick people he should go into the line where swimmers do their training. He gave me a killer look, but went out ! That way I could swim again peacefully in my grandma style.

2. Ilona and I hadn't seen each other since our French friends left so I drove over to her and we chatted in her garden about family and friends and nice and bad guests, and a lot more, it took us the whole afternoon !

3. My cleaning lady is finally back from Poland and brought me this cute mug, she was happy to be back again, at home she has even more to do. Her friend who had replaced her had put the whole household upside down, when the first time I told her what to do, she made it clear, she did it her way. Mr. G. wasn't very happy about that and escaped for the whole morning. I only checked when she had finished and the result was perfect. So I didn't care, after all it's the result which counts.

4.  Mr. G's friend seeing a 4 year old picture of me told me that my glasses were nicer at that time, and indeed when I looked in the mirror, mine had become used up and suddenly looked awful.

the old and the new

as I was in shopping mood, I went for a new frame, fortunately my glasses hadn't changed because they are very expensive, in 5 min I had found a model which fitted with my glasses, and one hour later they were sitting on my nose !

Maybe there is not a big difference, but at least I feel better !

4. My son announced his visit for this weekend with grandson Toby. Mum has a bad cold and needs some rest.

and as the weather will be not too bad I thought that the poor child has nothing to play with outside ! In my shopping mood, I bought this little tractor, but before I asked a young mother if her 3 year old boy could try it out for me (he was quiet short and Toby with his nearly 2 years is tall) First he didn't want but then he climbed on it and it was a drama because he didn't want to get off the thing ! So I thought it must be the right size and thing. I also bought a ball so that Nonno (grandpa) can exercise his old bones a bit.

5. Now that I have rediscovered the Waterloo swimming pool, I go there almost every day. I feel good after that, so good that after lunch while I was watching my little German crime story series, I realized that I had fallen asleep, and the case was broken ! I couldn't even do rewind, because I knew the murderer ! It just was time to go to Ilona's mother who also lives in Waterloo, she is a "young" lady of 88 and the 3 of us had coffee together and a lot of laughter  ! She is a very witty lady, imagine two years ago she went on a roundtrip through Jordan, Egypt and Israel !! I decided to take her as an example !


ZielonaMila said...

Interesting post, pretty presentations. I am greeting

Kranky Granny said...

I will pass along a secret we learned a few years ago. You can get perfect glasses at very inexpensive prices compared to retail stores by going to to the following website. I have gotten three pairs of glasses and we have ordered glasses for dozens of other people. All have been spot on perfect.


Cezar and Léia said...

LOL about that "bald human elephant", I think I know this kind of elephant.You did well and you did it very polite, I'm not sure if I would have the patient for that!hihihi

Those mugs are adorable and I love your glasses, you look great!
Enjoy your weekend!

Maribeth said...

Oh, I love the new glasses! They look so nice!!!

LindyLouMac said...

A busy but enjoyable time and I will also take your friend as an example of an age at which I also still wish to be travelling. :)

A Lady's Life said...

I love swimming. I love the hot tub and then the sauna. It tires you but makes you feel very good.
The glasses suit you very nicely but then you are so pretty anything looks good on you :)

Linens and Royals said...

Wish I had a Polish cleaning lady, the cat mug is very nice.
Hope you enjoy your weekend with Toby.

Barbara H. said...

That's awful that the guy swimming would be so inconsiderate of others. I'm glad he went away and let you swim in peace.

That mug is very cute and the glasses are nice, too.

Toby's new toys look fun and remind me of when my boys were little.

claudie said...

Your glasses are beautiful! I imagine you have a lot to do this WE with son and grand son!!! A lot of fun!!! I can imagine how hapy toby must be on the tractor!

Willow said...

I know that your grandson will have a great time with those fun toys. Just the adventure of visiting is so exciting for a two year old.

Cute mug!