19 Jun 2012


The morning started at 5.30 am and  unfortunately this time internet didn't work ! We climbed in our bus at 7 and started our long trip to the desert. It should be the longest day during the whole round trip.
450 km !

Our first stop was the Arena of El Djem which the Romans had built to entertain themselves by watching Gladiators to be killed by tigers or other wild animals or amongst themselves

I thought we should built one for all politicians in the world who want wars so that they can fight each other personally and we people would just watch them killing each other. I had a dream ....

The next stop was in a little town at the sea, not much to see besides some very original sculptures

We had a very welcomed strong Tunesian coffee there and then continued our way

We arrived in Matmata where some Berbers are still living in these houses built in the rocks. There are not many left, younger people prefer to move into modern houses.

We had lunch in this beautiful restaurant and I ate one of the best Couscous I have ever eaten in my life !

The boring and very long route took us to the desert

where we made a camel ride to watch the sunset. Besides that the camel ride was fun, the sunset less, we were too early and then there were very noisy jeeps and quads which disturbed the natural beauty, it was rather disappointing. Dominique rode also on a horse together with a berber and was excited like a little girl so much fun she had. Unfortunately she thought she had lost her money, but that's a story I have to tell later because it was so unbelievable !

Half dead we finally arrived in Douz and stayed there in the hotel Sahra, this time we had no twin beds and the hairdryer broke into two pieces.


Linens and Royals said...

Amazing, once again you are telling me things I didn't know. I like your dream about the politicions.

Gracie said...

Always a pleasure reading about your trips.... you're one lucky lady!

Cezar and Léia said...

LOL cool idea about the politicians!
That ARENA is huge!I love your pictures and the collage with the different sculptures as well.
I'm not sure if I could live in a house built in the rocks.The camels are adorable critters but I think I would prefer a horse! Wonderful portrait, you are beautiful!

Loree said...

Haha about the politicians. I think Matmata looks really interesting.

A Lady's Life said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a great time
Riding camels , horses and looking at the beautiful view of the desert.
I bet if politicians knew they would have to fight the battles themselves they would learn to resolve problems faster to avoid their blood being shed.lol To shed some one elses is easy.

sandra carlier said...

You had a very nice dream!! I would want to see some of our politics at this place! Sounds you have great great time! And all looks so exotic!

Jo said...

You make me LONG for that part of Africa again! Did Dominique enjoy the desert trip? I look forward to hearing about the money "lost" story. Your hotel entrance looks ten*. Pity about the hairdryer. While in Seacliff hotel(5 *) in Dar Es Salaam a while back, I couldn't reach the mirror (easily) with the hairdryer cord which was permanently attached to the wall socket. I asked reception to have it extended; an electrician arrived and after an hour, he left and there was a LONG, thick black cord added to the feminine cream-coloured one of before. Then I had to make sure I didn't trip over the wires!

diane b said...

The Roman ruins must have been interesting and the came ride fun. The Hotel foyer looks very posh, shame about the hair dryer.