18 Jun 2012


Finally the day of our departure had arrived and we left a cold and rainy Brussels at 12 am to arrive at  Enfidha-Hammamet International Airport in Tunesia at around 2 pm in beautiful hot weather

The bus drivers were waiting for the tourists to drive them into their hotels. Between waiting for the others of or group which would come with us on the same round trip and the chatting between the drivers and other confusions, we spent 2 h in or outside the bus at the airport.

The airport is very new, was only built in 2007 and opened in 2009.

Finally we arrived at our hotel and immediately had a problem. Dominique and I had booked one room together and Nicole our friend a single room. As there was no single room they proposed us the "Royal Suite" ! When we saw this enormous appartment, with a separate bedroom and twin beds we of course agreed.

At the first glance it really looked very nice. At a closer look, we saw that the towel holders were broken, the toilet separated from the bathroom was overflowed with water each time you took a shower.

Doesn't it look beautiful ?

When I went to bed there was suddenly a loud noise and a big "crack" and the bed broke ! We put two thick blankets under the mattress to keep it straight and fortunately I was so tired that I slept very well.

Of course first thing in the morning was to tell them that the bed needed to be repaired or replaced, which they promised to do right away.

So far so good and the whole group went to the nearby town Sousse to walk through the city and souks and also the habor of Port El Kantaoui.

It was not so interesting as we had seen already similar things in Morocco and Turkey and the souk wasn't very colorful neither. The people are all very friendly and full of humor. We laughed a lot and had a great time. At noon we were driven back to the hotel.

Entering our room we stated with quiet some surprise that the bed was made nicely even with a little decoration, but it was still broken !

Our royal suite was really a royal joke. We three burst out in laughter ! I decided not to complain anymore it wouldn't have changed anything, we put my mattress on the floor and I would camp royally on the floor. Anyway tomorrow at 7 am we leave for the biggest part of the whole round trip 450 km !

After lunch we enjoyed the sun at the swimming pool, where some beds were broken, no bath towels available and everything looked a little neglected. As it is a 4* hotel, I wonder how a 3* one looks like !

Anyway we made the best out of what we got and had a great time at the swimming pool. I also wore for the first time the beautiful scarf which Jo from Tanzania had brought me when we met for the first time in London. It's very useful !

These were the first 2 days of our roundtrip, which will really start tomorrow.

Maybe everything breaks down in the Hotel Hotel Royal Jinene, but internet connection was very good !


Linens and Royals said...

Well you can't have everything and I suppose good internet connection is important. Perhaps you should have slept with your head at the good end of the bed and your feet on the broken bit. And borrowed a cat to sleep with so you would feel at home.

Maribeth said...

Oh, that is hilarious!!!

Loree said...

Your vacations are always full of adventures. But it looks like you are having a great time in the Royal Suite.

Mara said...

It's like looking at me and my colleagues! Busdrivers everywhere are exactly the same!!!

Cezar and Léia said...

Oh girl, so sorry for the surprise about the hotel room ( that image with the broken bed with decoration is unbelievable)!Well, I wish no more "surprises"like that during your trip.
Have a great time and thanks for updating the news!
But the positive thing...the sun is shining and that pool looks great, you look wonderful! :)

sandra carlier said...

What a royal suite! The decoration of the bed looks beautiful!!! Anyway, all this adventure is very funny!

Jo said...

OMW, that beautifully made and decorated bed on the broken base reminds me of certain things here in camp! As we say here: "Only in Africa" You look lovely in that kikoi. Glad you could use it so soon. Off to read the next leg of your exciting trip.

diane b said...

It sounds like the start to an interesting trip. lucky that you have friends to laugh with.