30 Mar 2012


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1. I drove my neighbor for her eye check to Brussels and as it took such a long time I went out for a stroll through the neighborhood and found some beautiful old houses in the little streets around and took pictures for my post "Our World" Uccle (Brussels) here. We came back quiet late, so I just had time to download my photos and prepare my post.

2. When I got up and saw my head in the mirror I thought that I am looking like a witch, without broom.

Therefore I jumped on the phone and asked my hairdresser if she had a moment free during the day and she had ! Coming out I felt a new woman, sometimes these little things are necessary !


I continued salting our gravel and barks, it was much more work than I thought and I used 39 kg (86 lbs). Now it's finished and it really looks as if it had snowed, and for once I am waiting for rain so that the salt dissolves ! If ever one single weed dares to show its nose I will shoot it ! Do you think there are guns on Ebay ?

4. The sun was still shining so I went to Ilona to bring her her birthday gift, a beautiful scarf (at least in my eyes) and we took the very first sunbath this year on her terrace. We tried to change the world together, but I doubt very much that it works !

5. I have a "holiday" wallet and one I use at home. When I transferred the content from one to the other I stated that my driver licence was missing. I looked through all empty wallets in the house and every possible place, but couldn't find it. Then I remembered last year my wallet was stolen in Istambul, but as there were only 5 € in it and nothing else, I just bought a new one and forgot about it. Now I believe that besides the 5 € there was also my driver licence in the wallet.

Therefore I spent the morning at the police, to declare that I lost my driver licence, which took 45 min, because they had to fill in I don't know how many formulars which I then all signed. It was quiet interesting to hear the conversations of one lady who had her mobile stolen, a man who had a fight with his neighbor and a youngster who had also lost his driver licence. The policemen are all very friendly and rather funny, so we laughed together when the guy who had the neighbor fight finally left !


Chris said...

So good to hear that no matter where we live, we still have the same blessings and problems to deal with.

Thanks for your post!

Mara said...

I once lost my bank card and spent an entire morning at the police station. First I had to do my story in English and then I had to it again in German. And when you have to do with a hangover the size of New York, it doesn't make you feel any better!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life.com said...

I like your week review posts -- your sense of humor tickles me and it's nice to realize that life's problems and joys are the same no matter where we live!

Jo said...

I'm en route to SA staying over in Dar Es Salaam today. My hair appointment is for EARLY Monday morning as soon my hairdresser opens up. I've not had anything done to my "locks" for 8 months and I can feel it. I look like a dragon! Cant' wait to feel decent and groomed again. Then it's off to the friend/ expert who does my nails and toenails.Bliss. All on the first weekday back home. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Hugs Jo

Jientje said...

It's a good thing you did not have a police check up since you lost your driver's license!
It's back to the cold and gray days, isn't it? I hope the sun returns soon! Have a great weekend Gattina!

Reader Wil said...

Chris is right! Apart from the driving licence I also fight the weeds with all my might.
Thanks for the visit. Have a great weekend.

sandra carlier said...

My driver licence is so old now in several piece and I have to paste it! You will have a new one!!! It was carnival at school today! i'm exhausted!! But parents and pupils were so happy! I don't tell you!! They took so many pics We should believe we were stars in Cannes! I'm sure i'm somewhere on a blog tonight!

ellen b said...

I'm glad you encountered funny policemen. It is nice to get a little personal attention with our heads LOL! Hope you get that rain you are hoping for!
Have a great weekend!

diane b said...

I like Chris's comment. It doesn't matter wher we are we have similar day to day issues.

Barbara H. said...

Sometimes a girl just need a good haircut! I've been needing one for weeks but haven't been able to work it in. Hopefully will this week.

Your gift and visit sound lovely.

Brenda said...

Getting our hair done does have a way of making us feel right again. Sorry about your license, those small things can be annoying.

Susanne said...

I'm with ya on the hair thing! It seems overnight it's has just has gone too far. I have an appt. on Wednesday

Oh the weeds, they are relentless!

Too bad about your license. Glad the friendly police made it a little easier in spite of all the paperwork.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I had a scream tonight when I looked in the mirror. I am hoping to get a hair cut tomorrow. If not, I may even try it myself!

So glad you got your driver's license sorted out. I got a new one in March and I LOVE my photo. I hope yours is a good one too. ;)