13 Feb 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of February 11, 2012.

Mostly staying inside we still have temperatures down to - 15 (2F) ! On Saturday Mr. G had difficulties to get is car started so he brought it to a garage to be repaired and we had to share my car for 3 days ! And as it is so often, if at normal times we don't need our cars at the same moment, when we only have one, then suddenly we absolutely have to go at the same time to another place.

I went visiting together with a classmate from my painting group a friend who had just been informed that she has lung and spinal column cancer ! She is only 54 and such a nice and friendly person. She is always there when somebody needs help. We went there to cheer her up and make her laugh, with cat stories, she has herself 4 cats and is a cat lover and she was so happy to have some company who didn't pity her, because she hates it. We only talked about the cancer when she started to mention it, and I thought it's always the same, the bad persons live 100 years and the good once leave far too early. And she had just become a grandma for the second time. Hopefully the chimeo therapy will help.

Dominique and I have planned to make a roundtrip through Tunesia beginning of June, so I had picked up a brochure at my travel agency and we selected the one who takes us all around Tunesia during 8 days, and then we want to add 3 days in a good hotel to rest from the trip. We spent a nice afternoon choosing hotels and dates and it was so nice to already dream of holidays !

The sun had disappeared Sunday late afternoon, and I think there is snow in the air. It hadn't snowed since 10 days. After supper with the burning open fire we watched a German speaking Inspector Barnaby !

The cats were sleeping everywhere in the house, with this cold, they don't like to go out either.

Coming back from shopping I took this picture of a freezing Napoleon !


Jientje said...

It's a good thing temperatures are up again, and it's starting to thaw. Be careful if you need to go on the road today!

diane b said...

That happens here too. As soon as we only have one car we both need to go somewhere different. The cats have the right idea. Nothing better than planning a holiday. Oh yes there is. Going on holiday.

Gledwood said...

Maybe the good people are taken early by God to be with God and the bad people are kept on this *****y earth as punishment!

Linens and Royals said...

Tunisia sounds good for a holiday, I look forward to the photos.
I would sleep all over the house with the cats too if I had to put up with such cold weather.

Kim, USA said...

Last weekend I had a blast with friends. Four of them celebrated their birthday. ^_^