17 Feb 2012


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1. On Monday morning the temperature had suddenly raised over night and the snow started to melt. The streets were quiet slippery because the earth was deeply frozen.

I couldn't use the parking in front of the Acqua Gym house, if I didn't want to stay there for the rest of the day. It was foggy and humid, so we really enjoyed the warm water of the swimming pool and the hot tea afterwards.

2. After our Yoga class, (Mondays and Tuesdays are my "sport" days) I went with Dominique to our Travel agency and booked our roundtrip through Turkey. It will last 8 days.

We added 4 more days in this beautiful hotel in Sousse which is a very old town of 11th century B.C.

I had spent a couple of hours to find out everything about the hotel, because it's always better to have another opinion or pictures as those in the travel brochure ! Now we have something to dream of until our departure mid June. With early bookings you get a good reduction on the price.

3. Besides shopping and household scores nothing special happened, only that we had buckets of water falling from the sky accompanied by a very strong wind.

it looked rather awful outside !

4. Dear cat Arthur had stolen a whole Chipolata, it could only be him, because the girls don't steal !

and then he sat there digesting. Apparently it hadn't been good for him because the next morning when I got out of my bed I stepped with my bare foot in vomit. What a nice wake up ! I hobbled on one foot to the bathroom to clean it, and then discovered that he had done the same on 3 different places in the living room and of course not on the tiles but on the rugs ! I can't say that this belonged to my favorite fives !

5. We had a new student in our painting class today, who of course became immediately the sweetheart of the whole group ! It was Charly the dog of Nicole, who is allowed to assist us in our lessons.

He made friendship with Shania another dog, who is already member of the group since a long time. They immediately were friends. Nobody was disturbed and at least the dogs had company and didn't have to stay home alone.


Cezar and Léia said...

LOL I can not blame Arthur, the chipolata looks DELICIOUS! I would steal on or maybe two as well! :)
Shania and Charly are adorable dogs, cute pictures.
Don't mention about the weather, rainy day here and ahhh you may not believe but today I can go outside home ( does not mean exactly what I'm wanting to leave home, but...)because my distracted ( or stressed ) husb leave alone ( hmmm in fact Luna and I ) here without the "keys"!Phew...
Well...I think I will take a nap like Luna is ready to do and I will dream about the wonderful weather in Turkey! :)

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Have a lovely time in Turkey. Did I not read that they has some cold snowy weather in parts of Turkey. I am sure you have found a warm spot.

I know what you mean about stepping in the cats vomit. If you think that is so bad you should seen wnat my Great Dane throws up when I give in a feed her the wrong things.! Such is the price we pay for the amusement, affection and other delights our pet bring us.

Susanne said...

Oh poor Arthur. Guess they were just too good to resist, those chipolatas.

Man, I wish I could pack my bags and join you on your trip. You go such lovely places.

I can't believe now you're getting rain on top of the snow. What crazy weather you too are experiencing.

sandra carlier said...

What a beautiful hostel!!! I'm sure you'll have great time there! and the two dogs!!! They look so cute together!!! You make me hungry with your chipolatas!!!

Carrie said...

What an AWESOME vacation to look forward to!!

Kathie said...

Looks like a wonderful spot for a holiday!! That vision will keep you going through the cold winter months!

Poor Arthur - and poor you. Yuck! Hope he's feeling better.

Happy weekend!

Gledwood said...

Those Turkish swimming pools look particularly inviting.

You got about as much snow as we did by the looks of it. We barely ever get snow in London...

Loree said...

Naughty Arthur. What is it with cats? They always vomit on the carpets!

Faith said...

WOW! your vacation spot looks WONDERFUL!!!! have a blast!! ew....I'm definitely NOT a cat person (allergic to most) and now after reading your story, I definitely am not a cat person! lol...the dogs in the pic are cute tho :)